So cold..

Has anyone noticed how the temperatures have really taken a turn for the worse in the last couple of days? Well, I didn’t really until today, but quite possibly that’s owing to me being too intoxicated to notice over the weekend. At any rate, I noticed today from people’s status messages on Facebook that there’s a growing discomfort with the weather and the temperatures in general. And I got a taste of it myself when biking home from work tonight.

Well, actually I got a taste just walking/biking out there, but didn’t really pay too much attention. In retrospect, the municipality road crew workers running and driving about, spreading sand and thawing salt on the roads should’ve probably tipped me off, but for some reason I didn’t really notice the cold before heading home at midnight.. But boy did I notice by then! I was actually afraid I was gonna get frost bite at some point.. Serves me well for forgetting my gloves!

Speaking of work, I apparently became somewhat of a working class hero today as I, while stuck at the office anyways, managed to make my way onto the corporate intranet and pick up information about how to electronically order Xmas presents for those who had still not had the chance to order them, then take their orders and order up their pressies.. I’m sure that falls into the good carma category!

And speaking of the cold, I found very good evidence why people should not drink for days on end.. Apparently none of us were too worried about the cold or the fact that we were in the middle of November in this clip from last Saturday’s game.. Apparently we were not too obsessed with watching the game either..

*shakes head*


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