Homely Saturday..

Wow, last night turned out to be a pretty crazy night after all. I didn’t really have any expectations as both Tina and Christian had their schedules full and weren’t available for fun and games. But as it so often happens in my life, the days where you’ve nothing planned turns out to be the craziest days.

Anyways, after classes Christian and I had to do a bit of planning on the assignment we’re currently working on. As it happens, we do our best over a couple of beers, so we went home to my place for a bit of planning and a bit of extra strong Xmas brews.. Good times! Unfortunately, Christian had to leave at around 4 PM as he had a lot of things to take care of prior to his trip to Scotland next week. I wasn’t bored, though, as Zascha called me right after he left and we had one of our cozy, little talks while I cooked up dinner. After hanging up, I then ate my dinnner and proceeded down to Dunkel’s after he’d sent me an SMS asking if I’d be interested in dropping by. I did, we had a few beers, listened to some good old-fashioned metal and then went down to the Uboat.

Apparently last night was clubbing night at the Uboat, featuring a live DJ set by our favorite DJ, Christian Bo (?) Which was.. Interesting to say the least. I’m not much of a club fan to begin with.. And, well, maybe our dear Christian should practice a little.. But, long story short, there were clubbing beats, glowsticks and a shitload of beers! Needless to say, Dunkel and I ended up quite hammered and eventually teamed up with Jesper and went home at.. Fuck, I dunno.. Some time.. Making sure to grab a nice, little kebab sandwich on the way!

You’d think that after a night like that, I’d be able to sleep in. But nooo.. I ended up having to get up at 11 AM as Storm, me and a couple of other people from KPF (Kolding Pferd Fraction) had been invited by a couple of Kolding FC players to meet up and show our support for Kolding FC’s minor league team. So, rise and shine by 11 AM it was.. After a quick shower and a bite of breakfast, I then went down to Domhuset where Storm was waiting. We sat down, grabbed a beer and was then treated to a free lunch by Frank,  the manager – which just once again goes to show how awesome a place this is. Eventually, Jimmi, Daniel, Frank, Jakob and a few others showed up and we got somewhat of a party going, chugging a few brews and singing a song or two.

At 1:30 PM, we then went down to the Stadium and did our usual routine of acting like proper idiots, chugging more beers and screaming ourselves hoarse.. Only this time, this being a minor league game, we did it in front of maybe 30 people instead of a thousand people.. It was still good fun, though, and unlike other people we got in free of charge because a couple of Kolding FC execs recognized us.. All in all it was good fun.. We got to act crazy, we got beers at half price (people love us!), and even the opposing team were entertained by our (at times) idiotic chants.

However, unlike others, I have to get up early tomorrow and do a bunch of work, so I can’t well party all night with the boys.. So after the game had finished and after a goodbye beer at Domhuset, I went on my merry way home by way of the supermarket to cook up dinner and call it a night.. Well, maybe not call it a night, but at least call it a night without partying and stupidities.


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