A margin for error..

So, more or less out of morbid curiosity, I decided to check my online banking account yesterday just to sorta find out how much money I’ve blown lately. To my surprise, I found the balance to be a little off.. Well, a lot off, actually, in that it was substantially higher than I expected. Curious, and confuddled, I investigated further, taking a look at the account details and discovering the rather peculiar movement.. Namely the sudden addition of just over DKK 20,000 to my account.

Errm.. Clearly one of my employers thinks my time is worth a lot of money, as they made a rather substantial deposit into my account. I mean, as much as I think that my time is worth about 100 bucks an hour, clearly something was bound to be wrong when they decided to pay me something along the lines of DKK 37,000+ (USD 6,000+) before taxes for two months of me working part time 8 hours a week.. But I must commend them on paying me so swiftly, they did so before I had even submitted the needed paper work to account for my hours spent on the project. Scratching my head, I decided it was time for bed before giving the pay office a ring in the morning.

The nice, little lady at the pay office, as it turns out, was quite happy to hear from me the next day. Upon hearing my explanation, she sounded completely taken aback for about ten seconds, but was then more than happy to confirm my suspicion that their math was, in fact, a bit off. As a matter of fact it turned out that they, for some reason, had me registered as a normal employee, not a part time student assistant.. Huh?

Well, long story short, despite me telling her about how my nearest superior had already (after hearing about the incident) congratulated me on my doctoral and in so swiftly overtaking him in terms of pay, she concluded that the money were probably not mine to keep and I agreed that I had probably better transfer them back once my proper pay had been worked out. In the end that does save me the trouble of having to pay back my student grant plus penalty fees as well as extra taxes, so I’d like to think that both parties are better off with me returning the money. Even if DKK 20,000 buys you quite a lot of shiny new Apple laptop goodness. Oh well, can’t win every time, and with a little luck, I’ll be able to keep about a fourth of it.

Speaking of margins for error, there were none at the health and hygiene inspection at the Student House today.. But that’s okay, we didn’t need one. I’m happy to report that we passed with flying colors! 😀


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