Attack of the exam projects

So, it’s that wonderful time of the year again. The leaves are coming off the trees, the weather’s shitty and cold and we’re kicking into another huge exam project.. At least this time around we don’t have to worry about classes on the side as the whole class part of this term ended last week. Which leaves me to fend only with two jobs, a 50+ page assignment with Christian and the usual Student House obligations.

Sometimes I’m left wondering how I manage, but then again, when I’m every now and then sitting and home, having nothing to do, I’m in tern left wondering what to do and why I’ve nothing to spend my time on.. Which leads me to conclude that on some bizarre, masochistic level, I’m enjoying what I’m doing and have actually taken a liking to being busy.. Hmm.. Chances are I can even benefit in the future from being used to a couple of meetings a day and one or two job related obligations. 😉

That is if I have a future.. When talking to my friendly neighborhood wine pusher and long time family friend today, he seemed downright horrified by my schedule and this from a guy who’s used to working his ass off.. Hmm, I really don’t think it’s that bad.. Okay, granted I spend a lot of time running around today, but that’s mostly because I decided that important activities such as talking to Zascha beat lesser important things such as showering and getting ready for a meeting or doing freelancing work.. Maybe that’s how I survive the load right now.. Because I don’t forget important things like  letting myself get distracted.

Speaking of distractions, I found out today – by way of my wine guy – that an old colleague of mine has apparently gone through a quadruple bypass operation only to end up in hospital once again with fluid-filled lungs. I was, however, relieved to find out that he was now recovering and doing better as well as quite surprised to find out that throughout the whole ordeal, he’d even found time to get kicked out by his (second) wife for fooling round with another woman.. There you go, late sixties, broken ticker and you still find time to be a player! Those young, so-called players of today could learn a lot from reading a page or two of his books.. Or, honestly, maybe they shouldn’t!


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