Mai’Tai roa!

First off.. Sup, der! (you sexxay chubby bitch!) Didn’t know you were reading along. 😉 Thanks for the msg last night, it’s good to know my old friends still think I’m running around too much, even after all these years of me having had enough time to get smarter!

Secondly, guess what I did today! If you guessed clogging up the line at the local wholesale mega store as my pseudo-officially acquired customer card bounced while trying to score a discount on Cuban rum and Italian liqueurs, you’re quite correct! Readers who’ve been along since my last blog will remember that this is my second stupid, potentially self-harmful incident involving the purchase of alcoholic beverages (the first being accidentally wandering into the ghetto of Washington DC).. And once again, the Johan got out of trouble by smiling, nodding and acting like he knew exactly what was going on.. Which of course made the nice lady at the register sad about rejecting my card, thus overriding their customer database and approving the purchase.

Which is why I’m now, after a hard day’s work, am sipping a Mai Tai made partly with new-found, discounted alcohol which I somehow even got out paying VAT on as the nice lady apparently thought I was also somehow tax exempt? Oh well, question not the ways of the world when they ways of the world are going your way. Oh and yes, I know it’s quite odd to be sipping exotic drinks in late November, but I never claimed to be sane, did I? Besides, I’ve been wanting to try one of these babies properly made for like years now.. Oh, and I probably should get my mom to fix her customer card so she won’t clog up the line next time she tries to use it.


4 responses to “Mai’Tai roa!

  1. ooo me wants one tooooo

  2. Hmm.. Why did I have a feeling you were gonna say that? 😉

  3. Because you know me too well 😉

  4. Too well? Nah, just about well enough, I’d say 😉

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