Full house, posers and drunks!

I think I mentioned in a couple of posts that we were not seeing quite as many people as we’d like down at the Student House on Thursdays.. Well, that changed – quite a bit – this Thursday when we FINALLY managed to fill the first floor bar. Or well, maybe fill is too big of a word, but, still, I think we came pretty close to our 110 people limit at one time.. So basically we were pretty happy. As were the customers, and we once again received quite a bit of kudos for our hard work.. Most of which were useful.

I did get a little ticked off, though, when I was standing around minding my own business in the restroom and this guy comes up and asks whether I’m part of this whole business and then starts praising the hell out of me and the house in general. Of course, I like asskissing as much as the next guy.. But the fact that you’re praising us for a work while holding in your hand a beer brand which we do not feature at the bar is, well, stupid at best.. To me, it seemed quite disrespectful. DKK 10-12 is not a lot of money to pay for a beer in Denmark, certainly not at a bar.. And the fact that we work for free does not mean we don’t have bills to pay just like the next guy.. Don’t come talking to me about the greatness of “my place” when we’re struggling to make ends meet and you don’t even care enough to buy a beer from the bar.. Sheesh, for shame!

Anyways, good night overall which was proven by the fact that I had quite a bit of trouble getting people to leave when I was shutting down the place at midnight. Things weren’t made easier by the fact that I’d send assistant bar manager, Jesper, home with a headache and had told our bar manager, Jakob, to just run along with his buddies at midnight as they were going clubbing. Eventually I was left the help of my two lovely assistants in the shape of a couple of female bartenders on their first shift and about 50 people who were in no way ready to go home, but who had to be kicked out anyways.. Oh well, things eventually quieted down at around 12:15 AM and we were pretty much out the door by 0:25 after one last struggle with a drunken girl from the Design College who seemed to have lost everything including her bag, purse and mind.

All in all, a very good night, which on my behalf was spend mostly behind the bar, serving beers and chatting with people as well as keeping a lose eye on the new girls.. Looking forward to more nights like this, and am actually pretty thrilled about our upcoming party on Saturday. I predict a good turnout!


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