How not to treat a digital camera

I am completely and utterly busted after one hell of a party at the Student House last night. I really am getting too old for the whole partying all night, getting no sleep kinda plan. Interestingly enough, I declined Sofie’s offer to go to an after party on the grounds that I wanted to call it an early night and get to bed early.. And I eventually end up not getting to bed before 5 AM because I get stuck at the House doing weird things like talking to the DJ’s and the design college people who were in charge of arranging the party, taking care of some locking up and cleaning up.. Including spending about 15 minutes cleaning up after my accidental dropping of a drawer in a bar which sent about half of the evening’s earnings flying all over the floor.. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

’twas a good night, though. Not a hell of a lot of people to begin with, but those who were there were in a partying mood. I spend the major part of the evening working the door and the upstairs bar as well as some mingling, socializing and keeping an eye on the newer bartenders.. I also ended up with Anne in the door from midnight to 1 AM because I felt kinda sad about her having to sit there all alone.. And for the last hour, Johan partied! Hard! I even ended up on the dance floor for quite some time, believe it or not.. Which was actually a lot of fun and didn’t hurt as much as you might think. Well, it didn’t hurt me, anyways, my poor camera suffered a very untimely death as it was knocked out of my hand while I was trying to take a few pictures and crashed down right on the lens.. Bust! Hmm.. New camera for Johan for this Christmas? 😉

2 AM meant the end of the evening and the beginning of the usual hassle of getting people to leave. Well, last night wasn’t too bad, really, of course people were upset by the sudden stopping of the music and the cries for them to leave. But after one of my usual, subtle way of solving problems, an agreement was reached. My subtleness this time consisted in jumping the stage with a microphone and cutting a deal with the frenzied crowd that I’d get the DJ’s to play one last some if they promised to shut up and go home afterwards. Which actually helped as we’d cleared the floor by 2:15 as per the regulations in our alcohol license.. Gotta love the drunken problem solving!

How I managed to while away the next two hours, I’m not too sure. What I know for sure is that there was one last goodnight beer, some messing up, some cleaning up, a 4 AM phone conversation with Tina and eventually the moving of our huge ass metal sign from the side of the street and back into the house.. Hmm.. Oh yea, and of course the usual fattening wee hours snack before heading home. Incidentally, I can report that getting to bed at 5 AM and having to get up again at 10 AM is not a perfect combination. But I somehow managed.. Well, managed to get up anyways. As for managing to do all the stuff that I had planned out for today.. Ahem, that’s another story.


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