Running free.. Sorta!

I wonder how I ever really found time for going to class earlier this semester. I don’t have clases now, but it seems I still have quite enough to do.. 😉 My newest project involves helping out with a party/live music event at the Student House on Saturday December 8 which is a somewhat challenging endeavor, but also a lot of fun.. At any rate, I’m totally stoked about the party – and the concert in particular – as are a lot of other people.. Even Zascha who is actually coming home for the weekend! Yay! It’ll be good to see my dearest little sister again..

Which reminds me I should get around to cleaning up this dump I’m currently living in. Ooh, another project I’ll have to squeeze in somewhere. Speaking of projects, tomorrow is Tina’s parents’ 25th wedding anniversary which in traditional fashion is being celebrated with an early joined breakfast.. Meaning that I’m apparently being picked up by Tina and Jakob at 6 AM tomorrow and then driving off to go help out with the whole celebration thing. I guess you know I officially care a lot about someone when they can convince me to get up at 5 AM on my day off.. What on earth was I thinking? 😉 I’d better try that whole going to bed early thing tonight!


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