Whoa, livin’ on a prayer!

Couldn’t help but finish the Bon Jovi reference now, could I? At any rate, the damn song had been following me around all night.. So anyways, following the chronological breakdown of the working day from hell..

7:00 PM – Dragging my body off the couch, into the kitchen, throwing together a packed “lunch” and heading out the door towards my trusty steed (bike) and GLS.

7:45 PM – Passing the 15 hour mark on the working day from hell and arriving at GLS. Things are at this point going considerably smoother than expected. That or I’ve stopped caring.

7:55 PM – Eight and ninth cup of joe downed, starting work, the cold in the warehouse feels strangely comforting and refreshing.

8:45 PM – Things are busy, we like busy, busy keeps us awake. For some reason my body and stomach are starting to complain. Tenth cup of coffee.

10:00 PM – Things are sloooow, fatigue is setting in. We love Heidi, though.. Heidi brought traditional Danish rice pudding for the lot of us. Mmm.. Sugar rush.

11:05 PM – Feeling ever so slightly wobbly. Whilst telling my colleagues about my day so far, I’m met with a surprising amount of awe and disbelief. Apparently we’ve finished the last trailer of the evening and are now left with nothing to do.

11:45 PM – Nothingness has over the past forty minutes escalated into a heated, yet hilarious  political debate over privatization and other issues. Truthfully, though, at this  even a full frontal lobotomy would’ve probably seemed funny to me.

12:00 AM – It’s over. My working day is at an end! Now only the bike ride home separates me from freedom!

12:30 AM – Home at last, breaking every promise and word about being too tired to blog about today’s escapades before heading to bed.. Okay, I really am heading to bed now.

12:51 AM – Honestly, I mean it.. Bed now!


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