Wait, did I forget to update again?

Ahh, shoot! Well, maybe that’s owing to me being my usual busy self, but this time in a more interesting  kinda way. You see.. Wednesday, I had Christian over to do some work on our exam project kinda thing which we’re actually making headway on now (12 or so pages down, only 40 to go!) – of course, Christian and I can’t do anything without a little something, something on the side, so at 4 PM (to the tune of Allan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”), we broke out a couple of Xmas brews and shoved our laptops aside for a while..

Needless to say, one brew turned into another, somehow a Mai Tai slipped into the mix and before long we were sipping on a pretty awesome Sylvaner white wine from the Alsace region in France while cooking up dinner consisting of chicken breasts resting on a bacon/leek/onion fry-up, topped with mild cheddar and a sauce consisting of cream, broth and above mentioned white wine.. Well, that’s one way of preparing an exam project. Possibly not the best way, but it’s still a way.

After Christian left, I promptly passed out (probably realizing that I was still in lack of sleep after Tuesday’s day of mayhem) and somehow managed to sleep way into the late morning of Thursday.. Which posed a bit of a problem as I had to be at my mom’s at noon to keep the house open for some phone technician who was to check out her faulty phone line.

Well, luckily, by now, I’m pretty good at the whole being short on time kinda thing. I postponed breakfast, showered, jumped on my bike and tore off down the hill, managing to show up at my mom’s at about 11:50 only to find myself spending about five minutes trying to get the front door open – damned new lock system of hers! As it turned out,  I needn’t have hurried. I had plenty of time for eating breakfast (err.. lunch), brewing coffee and working on Project Virtual Museum before the repair tech turned up at 2 PM.. And left again at about 2:05 PM after concluding that the reason my mom’s phone line didn’t work was because she had accidentally unplugged the charger for the wireless handset.. Sheesh!

Oh well, onward Christian soldiers! After hanging back and talking to my mom for a while, as she showed up right after the repair dude left, I moved on to a very lengthy and productive meeting at the Student House which finished at about 7 PM, leaving us just enough time to prepare for the Thursday bar evening upstairs which once again went, eh, reasonably well. Spend the first couple of hours behind the bar, then did a little mingling, talking to whoever demanded my attention before having to dive in and save our party and PA mixer from being wrecked by a couple of drunken idiots.

Surprisingly, my on the fly improvised 1 hour 15 minute DJ-set created the most buzz (and fewest complaints?) of the evening and actually got people dancing – even to the tune of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”, the final song of the evening. Huh.. After shutting down the bar and getting people out, four of us locked off the building and headed back upstairs to listen to a bunch of the music that we’d never get to listen to in public while cleaning up the mess left by our guests. An awesome event which included a fair bit of sing-a-long action and the extremely hilarious sight of a very drunken Einar thrashing about the place, imitating the growling of Danish metalcore band “As We Fight” while swinging and kicking at everything that got in his way.. Poor chairs!

After cleaning up (and picking a couple of chairs back up), we then went our merry ways home for a couple of hours of sleep before getting up to face the trials of a new day.. Today is Friday, and I’m working tonight.. Boohoo! Not fair, especially not considering that I’ve only gotten like 15 requests to go to the Uboat..


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