It’s Christmas time..

Yay! Or something! I really can’t believe how fast this year has just zoomed by. Seems like yesterday we were celebrating the new year on the roof of the Student House. But apparently in some 29 days, that’ll have been a year ago.. Hmm.. Time apparently flies when you’re too busy to slow down.

It’s been a pretty good weekend, thank you very much. I am, however, a little worn out after two nights of getting to bed somewhere between 5 and 7 AM – especially since I had to get up at no later than 10 AM this morning.. Not surprisingly, I didn’t make it and had to sacrifice DKK 122 on a cab ride to make it to my mom’s in time for our 11:30 lunch with my grandma and uncle.. Ouch!

So, that part – not too much fun! Arriving at the Uboat after work on Friday, hanging out with the boys and girls till 5:30 AM before locking up and going home – good fun!

Watching Dunkel and his band mates get sloshed on Saturday, then going down to watch them rehearse, fuck about and eventually end up getting knocked over by a pastel pink Fender in a mosh pit including members from the band and various onlookers – good fun!

.. I must say, though, that while Fender guitars suck, they sure are pretty solid.

So, you see, just another typical weekend in Johan-land.. Too much drinking, too much fun and way too little sleep. I’d write more, but right now I’m a little busy trying out these new pillows I got from my grandma.. So, umm, no..More updates when I’m more awake.


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