What does it take to scare the living bajeebus out of Johan? Apparently not much more than a brightly smiling, little Finnish exchange student on her way home from yoga class! At any rate, I totally wasn’t expecting Suvi to sneak up on me from the front (okay, maybe I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, it was raining after all) and cheerfully cry out “HIYA!” – If you ever want to see Johan jumping and yelping like a school girl, apparently Låsbygade, Kolding by night is the place to go.. Apparently I need to pay a little more attention when walking home after a long day.. As to not risk being startled like that again. Jumping, screaming and cursing can’t possibly be a good way to impress the ladies.

Eh, at any rate, what a day it’s been.. I rolled out at bed at 8:55 AM only to check the web and find out that our synopsis for our exam paper was due at 9.. Panic ensued! I quickly threw something together from what we’d already written while at the same time trying to shower, brew coffee and eat breakfast (not all at once, dumbass). Luckily, Christian was due at 10 AM and quickly approved what I’d mashed up while browsing through a few CDs for our upcoming road trip.. to Germany!

You see, as ever so often, supplies were running a little low here in Kolding.. Well, very low, really. I’ve usually had the pleasure of having Zascha around to make the trip with me when beers and wine were running low. Now that she’s off in Brussels meeting famous politicians and what not, that sadly hasn’t been an option. But as luck would have it, Christian was able to borrow a car today, so off we went, tearing down the motorway, sun in our eyes and all.

Within the hour, we’d reached the promised land of cheap booze, cheaper sodas and men with prominent mustaches. We tore into the first shop on our route and started on the impossible task of loading a shopping cart with the amount of cases needed to satisfy both me, Christian, his parents and Tina.. A grand total of some 15 cases which made for a pretty impressive, wobbly sight. Being the liquor snob that I am, I of course had to browse the liquor section.. Not much of interest, though, which made Johan a sad panda. I found a nice deal on Havana Club 7 yrs in a gift set including a couple of cute branded glasses. Sadly, I’d already bought a Havana Club 7 not two weeks before, and I probably have to many glasses to begin with. They also had HC’s Cuban Barrel Proof which looked interesting, but too expensive for a rum I didn’t really know much about.. Boo! So on to the next store we went.. and after my numerous detours trying to guide Zascha, we actually got it right in the first try this time around.

And at this store, I finally got somewhat lucky, as the first thing I discovered when I walked int the door was a huge batch of Pyrat XO Resere which were quite moderately priced, at least compared to what you’d get them for in Denmark.. So, of course, being the rum lover that I am, I quickly grabbed a bottle (making it the tenth in my rum collection) and headed for the exit fast before I got any more great ideas. This plan of getting out fast failed pretty miserably when I got held back by Christian who was looking for gin which made my eye catch sight of a one liter bottle of Ricard Pastis which I of course just had to own.. Damnit! Oh well, my taste buds will be thanking me later.

We did eventually make it to the exit after ending up getting held up even longer at the cash register because a bunch of seemingly drunk and disorderly elderly gentlemen kept trying to hit on the cashier.. Interesting.. Anyways, we got out, packed up the car, got moving and drove back to good, old Denmark where we returned to my apartment to deposit my loot, eat lunch and work a bit on our exam paper. We then went to annoy Tina for a while, doing a bit more work while we were there, then going grocery shopping and eventually cooking up an odd Tex-Mex inspired dinner. Christian eventually had to go on his merry way to return the car he’d borrowed from his parents, so Tina and I hung out for a while, trying to get some more work done but eventually ending up drinking a beer before I went out the door to go home and clean my damned mess of an apartment.

And it was on this long, hard road that I ran into miss Suvi who unknowingly scared the crap out of me.. And I think, with that, that we’ve come full circle!


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