Where’s Waldo?

.. or in this case, Johan, the other weird, slim guy with glasses. Well, I’m actually taking some time off and “enjoying” a bit of voluntary isolation in Nyborg in order to work on my assignment, relieve some stress and enjoy some free food and pampering.. Well, there isn’t really any pampering, but most of us can use a bit of a free ride over X-mas.. What with all of the money being spend on gifts and all..

Speaking of X-mas, has anybody realized that the so-called big day is only six days away? At least for those of us who celebrate on the 24th? Well, I certainly hadn’t until yesterday when I suddenly realized that I was in a bit of a hurry go get my X-mas gift shopping done and therefor tore a day out of the calendar dedicated to some Holiday shopping with my dad.. Course, I’d love to talk a lot about that but since we were mostly buying presents for people who actually read this blog, I guess I won’t.

Holiday shopping aside, things have been strangely similar to the last couple of years. I’m still not in any kind of X-mas spirit, on the contrary. In fact I’m thinking I’m turning more and more into Scrooge every year.. But like last year, I am looking forward to celebrating “X-mas eve” on the 22nd with my close friends.. The rest of this crap can go to hell, I honestly don’t have the time for it, especially not this year..

Really, who wants to spend three days chasing around the country visiting various relatives with a major assignment that needs finishing hanging over your head, what the hell has that got to do with X-mas peace and tranquility? Screw that! 😛

Oh well, on to other things. Tomorrow will be my last day of isolation. I’ll be catching a train home in the morning – if I can find some way of dragging with me the four bags filled with several kilos of X-mas gifts that I managed to buy. That’ll prove interesting. I may be able to hitch a ride with Christian most of the way which would definitely help a lot! Then it’s time for more work on the assignment, final Christmas shopping and last but not least the last day of work before X-mas on the 21st.. Then it’s a few days off for he boys before resuming work on the 26th.. Oh, and hopefully we’ll have time for new years on the 31st as well.. Which should be fun!

As of right now, I’m signing off, I’ve been left on my own as my dad and his wife swept off to Copenhagen for a few days.. So I’ve noone but myself to keep me well-fed and all that.. So best get a move on. Beef stir fry is waiting!


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