Last night of work..

.. For 2007, that is, was tonight. For years and years now, I’ve had to go to work on the 23rd of December, aka the night before Christmas, so it’s kinda weird for me that this year the 23rd is on a weekend night and thus I don’t have to work.. But in keeping with tradition, I did have to show up for the last day before the X-mas holidays which this year was tonight, the 21st.

In keeping with tradition, we also had nothing to do this year (what with everybody usually wanting their X-mas presents to be out before the X-mas holiday), but unlike the other years, we did have one hell of a logistic hell going on across most of Europe this year.. So the few hauls that did arrive, arrived very late in the evening, so no going home early for me this year. So basically, I spend my last shift of 2007 sitting around, eating free sandwiches, free cookies, drinking coffee, chatting with colleagues and just generally getting fatter.. Which was all good, albeit boring!

I was eventually let off the hook at around midnight, but not before receiving my X-mas gift, a lovely set of beer and schnapps glasses, micro brews, snacks and a cookbook which thrilled me due to its awesomeness, but also managed to bum me out as I pretty quickly figured that there was no way in hell, I’d fit all those presents into my bag and onto my bike.. And me being too downright cheap to spend DKK 120 on a taxi, it was pretty obvious that I got to spend the next hour and fifteen minutes of my life walking my way home, carrying my X-mas gifts – which grow surprisingly heavy after some 7 kilometers, I might add.

I know I shouldn’t complain, though, throughout the night, I got a bunch of distressing SMS messages from Zascha who was flying home this evening. Apparently Belgium wasn’t excluded from the Europe-wide logistical crisis and so her plane was delayed by about three hours, meaning that she did not get to fly out of Brussels before midnight, and didn’t arrive in Copenhagen before somewhere around 1:45 AM – at least I think that was the time stamp of her message.. Brain shut down a couple of hours ago. From what I hear, though, she’s getting a lift out here with a couple of other people who were also on the delayed flight, so I trust it she’s in good hands.. This does, however, lead to a peculiar situation in which Zascha might actually get less sleep in a night than yours truly.. Poor girl!

Me? I should try to head to bed rather soonish, tomorrow is when Christian and I pretty much have to finish the creative process of our exam assignment in order for us to be able to party with the girls tomorrow night.. Yay, can’t wait!


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