Happy holidays!

.. Lest we forget! It occurred to me that I’d better take a bit of a time out to wish all my loyal readers a very merry X-mas, I hope you all make the best of it and have a less chaotic time than me. I celebrated the night before Christmas with my mother last night which was nice and cozy as  she’s about as anti-Christmas as myself, so we had a pretty good, ol’ time. Today I’m off in Nyborg to celebrate with my dad and his family before heading down south on the 26th to celebrate with my grandma and uncle.. Sheesh, I thought this was supposed to be a time of peace and quiet.

Anyways, as you may have figured out from the tirade above, I won’t have much time for posting and updating in the next couple of days.. So, enjoy your holidays, everybody, have a ball and don’t forget to eat yourselves silly!


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