Schnapps is the devil!

Oooomph! Whoever invented the likes of schnapps, aquavits and other fortified spirits needs to be shot! And I need to be shot as well for thinking that consuming large amounts of said alcoholic beverages would be a super idea on the day and night before my celebrating X-mas with my grandmother and uncle.

As is perhaps obvious from reading the statements above, I did not feel well today, and I’ve only myself to blame. What’s worse is that I in no way left a good impression with my family who were looking forward to seeing me.. But I did, at least, offer quite a few laughs with them as I staggered around in my hung over state of mind.. Never again! Ever!

Alas, I’m simply too knackered to retell the epic tale of how I ended up in such a predicament.. So that whole story will have to wait until tomorrow.. Stay tuned, though, there was much awesomeness involved.


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