I’m so done with X-mas!

Well, whoop-dee-do! It’s December 28th, that means that the last signs of Christmas (and/or hangovers) are finally gone.. Which, as you will probably know by now, makes Johan a happy monkey. I spend most of yesterday (performing a poor excuse of) cleaning up the house after last weeks X-mas party – a tedious task which was made a little easier by an increasingly silly mood I was in  and a healthy dose of mixed rock radio.. For those of you who don’t yet know, DR Rock on DAB Digital radio is the shiznit! Really awesome mix of classic, soft, hard, metal, whiney and all things rock.

I also had time to exchange a few gifts which didn’t quite suit me, so I’m now all stocked up on new wine glasses.. Of the burgundy variety.. Mmm, large vessels. I somehow ended up the entire refund on a pair of schnapps glasses (told you I was done with the stuff) plus my gift check from my grandma on expensive wine glasses.. But what’s a boy to do? I’m sure I’ll have no complaints from guests.. The last part of the day, I spend locking myself into Tina’s apartment and putting on a fight with her stove and her new oven to fix her up a batch of lasagna while she finished up at work. I’m so glad she finally has an oven although it did burn and scar me more than I would have liked for a first encounter, but I have a feeling this will still be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. It sure is gonna make cooking at her place so much easier. When Tina arrived back, we pigged out on lasagna (well, errm, I did, that is), shared a nice bottle of my favorite Sicilian red and just hung out for a while.

Today has been devoted mostly to ye olde school project. Meaning that Christian and I have been working from 10 AM – 5 PM and still only managed to proof read, correct and perfect 15 pages of our assignment.. That makes for about 55 to go and two days to do it in.. Well, this is gonna be fun! At least some of it is figures, tables and what have you, so I hope things will proceed a little faster tomorrow. When Christian left at around 5:15 to go celebrate his five month day with Emelie, I decided to go shopping for greens for new years, a procedure which turned out a little more complicated that I’d though. Having not really taken into consideration the sheer volume of 2.5 kilos of baby potatoes, two kilos of carrots, a kilo of green beans, two slabs of bacon, various necessities, mushrooms, three bottles of chardonnay and whatever else I needed. I’m for once kinda glad that I ended up forgetting a lot of shit because even with what I remembered, I had a hard time dragging myself home. But oh well, ’twill be worth it.

And when I, after a long struggle, did manage to drag myself home, I decided that I needed a bit of pampering. And since I was apparently having a quiet evening on my own, what would be more pamper-like than a nice dinner and a nice glass of wine. This resulted in the rather strange decision of me finding out that I’d try to teach mysef how to cook risotto. A surprisingly easy albeit time-consuming process which actually went down well complimented by a glass of chardonnay and Bruce Springsteen’s “Live in New York” album.. That was at 9 PM. It’s now a few minutes to 11 and I’m still overly full and almost about ready to pass out from exhaustion.. For some odd reason. I suppose working more than four hours in a row on any given project just wears me out. I’m really better at stuff that doesn’t require too much thought process, it seems.. 😉

Weird fact of the day: Facebook has this thing called Compare people which lets you compare your friends on a number of different levels.. And yours truly just rose to first place in “who has the best taste in music” – granted, I already knew that, but I was hard pressed to think that others would agree what with all the weird not-so-mainstream stuff I listen to.. But, oh well, you live, you learn. 😉


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