Studying, horsies and pantry raids

Well, there’s a title for ya, but none the less that’s about how my day shaped out. A bit of studying, a meeting at the Student House, a chance to drop by Domhuset to hand over a couple of Pferds (toy horsies) which the crazy football (and horsie) fan guys from KPF needed for their belated X-mas party tonight. Me? No, I wasn’t coming, no partying for me.. I merely brought the horsies (which I’ve been keeping safely at my place since the last game of the winter season). Not that I wasn’t invited or anything, but I had to study for exams after all.. Hey, what the hell happened to me being so responsible all the sudden? I scare me!

Anyways, being in that part of town anyways, I went on over to Tina’s and spent a cozy afternoon with her buried in our respective books. At 4 PM, I took a short break to attend a meeting at the Student House, then (cashing in on my daily dose of exercise) back to Tina’s to cook up some dinner as I’d promised her. Knowing that she had a full pantry and a full freezer, I didn’t worry too much about planning, figuring I’d just grab whatever I could and see whatever I could come up with. I ended up finding everything from minced beef over eggs to breadcrumbs, spaghettin, tomato sauce and various dried spices. The end result was some crazy concoction of improvised pseudo-Italian inspired meat balls served in a tomato sauce built on pan juices, red onions, garlic and chopped olives.. Served on spaghetti of course.. And topped with cheese, naturally! And look, no heavy cream this time! I’d like to think Alton Brown would’ve been proud of my pantry raiding skills.

The night brought more studying, a movie and Tina somehow consuming two thirds of a large back of potato chips all by her tiny self.. How that little girl never gets bigger, I’ll never figure out. Anyways, a much cozier day than I could’ve hoped for. I really do enjoy when you get so close and comfortable around people that you don’t feel like you have to make conversation or be doing something together all the time in order to spend quality time together. That you can just sorta be lounging about doing your own thing, but at least not be completely alone while doing it.. Good times! And also another aspect I miss about not having Zascha around.. I mean, on top of her generally being the one keeping track of my life and or appointments.. 😉

Right, okay, maybe I’d just better call it quits before this turns into the second pseudo-thoughtful post in two days.. It’s late anyways, don’t I have stuff to get up and read tomorrow? Y’know, I think I do!


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