I told you, foo!

“I’ve been sayin’ it. I’ve been sayin’ it for ten damn years. Ain’t I been sayin’ it, Miguel? Yeah, I’ve been sayin’ it!”

Bacon IS the meat’s own one and only spice!

And now I finally have proof that bacon is indeed a spice!

Apparently it’s *vegetarian* as well.. So there you go. With the option of having bacon on the salad bar, I guess there’s nothing that really prevents me from becoming a full blown vegetarian (again!).

By the way, if you don’t get a word of the ramblings above, do not despair. That was about four internal inside jokes aimed at about four different people. Just take it as a sign that you know me well if you get at least one of them, if you bet more than one, you’ve evidently spent too much time with me and should consider professional help 😉 Speaking of internal inside jokes, Tina, it looks like your favorite actor is celebrating his birthday today.


2 responses to “I told you, foo!

  1. Uuu…Me?

  2. Yup, indeed 🙂 The old, familiar salad bare joke was aimed directly at you 😛

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