It’s never too late for a second dinner!

Okay, I realize that lately my posts have been mostly about studying, exams and what have you. But lately that’s pretty much been all my life has had to offer.. I don’t much more like going through it than you enjoy reading about it.. So, that is why today I decided to take a break from all the studying..

Oh, okay, to be honest it wasn’t so much because I didn’t feel like studying as it was because I was incapable of studying owing to a bit of an improvised drinking binge with Dunkel the night before. See, sometimes after a day of studying you just gotta find some time to hang out with friends.. And sometimes that whole hanging out thing evolves into you sharing a couple of beers..  And, sometimes, juuust sometimes, those couple of beers of beers turn into a couple of bottles of vodka and long, drunken arguments about what would happen if Ronnie James Dio and Tim Robbins were to mate.. And well, before we knew it, we were both stark raving drunk and not really capable of understanding the world around us.. So, to those who received a bunch of drunken SMS messages, I apologize. And to those who, on the other hand, did not hear from me – well, I apologize even more!

So, yea.. Good times! I think.. Good times as far as I remember anyways.. Thing is, nobody really remembers much from 2 AM onwards, but I must’ve been home at around 5 AM as that’s about when Dunkel remembers going to bed.. And I certainly didn’t wake until Tina SMS’d me at like 1 PM, so yea.. Sounds about right.

Needless to say, I’ve  been downright incapacitated most of the day today, mostly just lying around, half asleep, half awake, watching The Simpsons and what have you. It wasn’t until around 9 PM that I actually got up and at that point only because Tina wanted to hang out for a while.. And who was I to say no? So, off I went and spent a couple of quality time with a new, improved and softer-than-ever Tina who was in a cheery, relaxed mood after a couple of hours of SPA treatment.

What’d we do? Well, it’s never too late to cook up a nice, little dinner, is it? Even if you’ve already had dinner once? I think not! Anyways, both of us were hungry, so we threw together whatever we could find and ended up sitting down at 10:30, munching on mashed potatoes and pseudo-bolognese while sipping a glass of wine and pointing and laughing at Aliens Vs Predator which just happened to be on TV at the time. A delightfully weird and cozy way of spending an evening. And a testimony as to just how fucked up our daily routines have become after weeks and weeks of not having a good reason for getting up early in the morning.

Speaking of which, it’s now just past 1:30 AM and once again, I’m not really showing any sign of tiredness. Yay me! Poor Tina was all pampered out it seems, so she gave in at around 0:30 which left me with a nice, long walk in the rain to keep me company.. And get me hungry again. So, food, rest, sleep, sounds like a plan to me. Best get back at that whole exam preparation thing again tomorrow. For now, enjoy this exam preparation rant free post.


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