Quote of the day: More rants on US Presidential Election

So, things are really picking up as regards the whole America Votes kinda thing. In the current debate about who is more suitable for office, few comments have made me laugh more than the one re-posted below. This is my friend Rachel’s assessment of the candidates and whom to root for:

“Huckabee is less batshit crazy than Ron Paul, but I’d still pick McCain over any of the Republicans, and I don’t much care for McCain.

Clinton is a little too corporate-cozy for my taste, and her faith in herself is positively frightening. It’s like Bush thinking god talks to him, but it’s all about herself.

Obama is good. Not perfect (and in my opinion, anyone who wants the job is inherently unqualified for it) but better than many out there.

I like Dennis Kucinich, but he doesn’t have a chance in hell of even getting through the primaries, so I’ll just have to resign myself to that.

So… Cthulhu. Why vote for a lesser evil?”

What? You don’t get the last joke, you say? Must’ve not read up on your Lovecraft mythology lately. Either way, I found it pretty damn funny.. Then again, I’m a geek.


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