Limitations of the Johan

Evidently, I can only take care of one person at a time.. And I’m glad I’ve shown some progress in the field of taking care of Tina, coz it sure as hell ain’t myself.

Now, I realize that I was always quite the clumsy character and that I do tend to be a little pre-occupied at times.. As was proven by my excellent way of mistaking a preheated conventional oven for a microwave oven last night, thus grabbing hold of a 140 degree (centigrade) metal rack and launching into a slur of profanities and yelling.. Honest mistake, really!

Other times, I mean well and am just really unlucky. As proven by my streak of luck this morning afternoon where I figured that since I was actually planning to venture outside, I’d better shave. Now, some will argue that I don’t usually like shaving and thus am lazy about it.. Such people would be very correct in their arguments. I now found another reason not to like shaving, though: It’s painful! Well, at least if you’re an idiot like me and end up slashing a nice chunk off the tip of your nose.. However the hell that is possible. At any rate, it delayed my trip outside as I, instead of doing shopping now had to stay inside and keep red stuff from pouring from my nose and getting everything all stained.. Ever noticed how tiny cuts always bleed impossible amounts of blood?

Ah, but I could rant and rave all day about my own clumsiness and stupidity.. What else is new? Well, I talked to Zascha a little. She called at around 12:45 PM and seemed oddly surprised that I was just enjoying breakfast at the time. I told her why bother to get up and she pulled out a pretty valid point about missing a morning’s worth of studying.. To which I of course replied something along the lines of “Yea, I’m not really into that” which naturally again led to a few loving scolding remarks before she had to run again.

Apparently today was also “International Day of Italian Cuisine” which meant that I just had to make myself a nice serving of Spaghetti alla Carbonara as it’s pretty much the only Italian dish I know that I haven’t completely bastardized yet, and apparently traditional is important. Adding to this the fact that I had previously that day been on a shopping spree gone bad and was therefore cooking up large batches of freezable dishes, I was in for more multitasking than any man should ever have to deal with.. Gave me a nice excuse not to focus on my exams, though.. Ahem, I should do that tomorrow, really. But I ask you, what is more important? Exams? Or two pounds each of Chili and Goulasch? Yea, I thought so!

Spend the last part of the day with Dunkel. We hung out, watching The Simpsons Movie (thumbs down) and “Free Jimmy” (thumbs up.. I think.. It was.. Weird.. About as weird as a movie as you’d expect a movie about drugs starring Woody Harrelson and Simon Pegg to be) which was pretty cozy. And hey, for once, we stayed off the hooch! Dunkel having an exam tomorrow and everything.

I have a strange feeling the rest of the night will be spend in bed, drinking tea.. I’ve got this weird cough thing going for me and I’m not liking it one bit.


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