Making your mouth burn is just another way of saying I love you!

Alright, so who doesn’t want the new Macbook Air? Naturally, I was up following the MacWorld news and even watching Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation.. And yes, I nearly did fall out of the chair when Steve introduced the MacBook Air.. But I only half-assedly expected others to care much.  And, in fact, when I struggled out of bed at 9 AM (well, how’d you expect me to go to bed early if I were to watch a 1.5 hr keynote which was put online at around midnight my time?) and set off for a 10 AM meeting at uni, no-one did seem to care.. But that was soon to change. As I got back home at noon-ish, the messages started pouring in. One from Zascha telling me that I was right about my predictions that Apple would launch a new laptop, followed by several messages about how badly she wanted one.. Then, not long after, I got a message from Tina asking if I’d seen the new Macbook, and several hints that she wanted her hands on one as well – including a very ill-disguised hint that I should get one.. Which I honestly wouldn’t mind, were it not for the price tag and the fact that I don’t generally trust first generation products.. But hey, if anyone just happens to have too much cash lying around and feel like making a contribution towards me getting a new Macbook, I’d be ever so grateful 😉

So, what all happened to say aside from half the gang wanting MacBook Airs? Well, it’s been sort of a long day, really. Like I said, I had a meeting at 10 AM this morning, a time where I’m not usually even up and around these days. The meeting was with Jonas Granlie and basically revolved around him having gotten the funds to hire Charlotte and I for another three months of work on the Virtual Museum Project, a job that I look forward to starting either this week or next week.

Following the meeting, I grabbed some breakfast on the go and went home to start work on the oral defense of our exam paper from hell. This all didn’t go too well and I ended up taking a break which then again ensued into the discussions with the girls referenced above. Eventually I ended up doing a little reading, digging up some sources, watching some Simpsons and then pretty much getting ready for work..

Yes, work, err.. an activity that never actually happened. Being as I sensed that Tina really wasn’t doing too well and was in need of a bit of cheering up, I ended up screwing work, getting a colleague to cover for me (Thank you, Jakob!!) and went down to do whatever I could to cheer her up and make her feel better. Which, well, to make a long story short involved nearly killing the poor girl with chilies in an attempt to cook her up some home made chicken, veggie, wonton combination which involved red chilies from a source I wasn’t really familiar with. Y’know, when they say that smaller is generally hotter and larger generally sweeter.. Well, they really mean generally, as the large, red bastard of a chili I’d gotten was definitely hotter than I expected and adding to that the fact that my homemade dipping sauce involved Scotch Bonnet peppers you can kinda imagine what things would be like for a poor, defenseless little girl who doesn’t quite share my pepper tolerance and who wasn’t on the top of her game to begin with.. Well, lets just say that the sight and sound of Tina watching the Simpsons while OD’ing on chilies and still not feeling like she should stop eating because she enjoyed the soup so much was quite the interesting sight and sound.. What with her combination of sneezing, moaning, giggling and cries of “hot, hot, hot!” – probably not the most successful meal I’v ever cooked, but definitely one of the more interesting.

After dinner and some fighting over whether or not it was fair that I both cooked and did the dishes – by the way, one of the few arguments of ours that I’ve actually won, mostly because while I am a fucking sissy, I am still strong enough to overpower a girl half my size and force her back into her chair – We settled down and played Trivial Pursuit for a good two hours or so which was good fun as always and involved quite a bit of (inside) joke cracking, pseudo-fighting and name calling.. Ah yes, good times!

I eventually wandered homewards at around midnight, feeling surprisingly pleased with myself because despite having taken the night off, I’d done so to help out a friend in need.. And, as it turned out when I got home, I’d just today received an extra bonus check for DKK 1,500 from GLS – so apparently good deeds do pay off, and I never really lost any money by not going to work.. 🙂


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