The amazing Bacon flowchart!

Got this link from Tina today.. And how can I not share?

I mean, c’mon, it’s funny, pseudo-geeky and it involves BACON! Mmm.. Bacon! Also, this should answer any questions you may have as to why Tina and I have become such close friends particularly as of late.. How can you not love a girl who forwards you jokes involving bacon, the mightiest of all spices? 😀

In more personal news, I think I’m more or less ready for my exam on Tuesday. I actually sorta took to heart Zascha’s comments about me being frighteningly indifferent when it comes to preparing oral presentations/defenses, so I hope she’ll be happy to know I at least tried this time around.. Even if, for me, that means working into the night and sleeping through to mornings. 😉

Speaking of working through the night. Why is it that it’s once again nearing 4 AM and I’m still not in bed? I feel like some strange breed of nocturnal animal these days.. More so that I used to, and believe you me, I used to go to bed late. It’ll probably be healthy for me to go back to school soon and get some sort of normal rhythm going for me. Not that I particularly mind being nocturnal, it’s just that everybody else does.. Ack, but I’m stalling.. It’s off to bed I go! Tomorrow (and by tomorrow I mean Tuesday, this being posted at 3:46 AM Monday) is exam day! Woo!


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