Time out!

Whoopee! What on earth am I gonna do with nine days off? For those who may have missed it, I finished my last exam yesterday and I don’t start classes before the 4th.. So it’s time for some time off, I guess.. Wonder what that’ll feel like, I don’t really think I’ve had a full day off for months.. Well, ‘cept a few days around Xmas, but then, back then I had to worry about the stupid assignment.

Speaking of assignment.. Boy am I glad that one’s over with.. The exam went about as well as I’d expected.. Which is to say not too good at all, but we did pass. As for me, I spent most of the exam getting drilled on Christian’s part of the assignment which turned into a bit of a mess as I’d pretty much gone in there thinking I’d be held accountable mostly for my own work.. So, good times.. Confusing times.. In the end I came out with the worst grade I’ve ever gotten at a university level, but felt strangely calm and collected about it all. I’ll take it as a wakeup call that vacation is definitely over and I know fully well what caused such a low grade.. In the end, Tina and Zascha seemed more surprised by the grade than I did, which I take to mean that they still have confidence in my work. I’ll take that to heart and try not to let myself and others down next time.

Having spent some time recovering from the exam and paying a quick, little visit to poor Tina who was still slaving away on one of her exam assignments, Christian, Emelie and I went down to the English Pub for a few pints of Belgian Ale.. Which hits you quite hard if you’re drinking on a near empty stomach, by the way. We ended up staying till around 6:30 when the lovebirds went home and I went to look for something to eat.

I ended up in the local supermarket where I first ran into a guy, Kim, I sorta know from the Uboat. I noticed he’d started growing his hair and in my usual state of drunken enlightenment decided to tell him that he needed to get a fucking haircut because long hair on guys looked ridiculous. A comment which sparked quite a bit of confusion in the young boy and had him staring weirdly at me for a few seconds, then just leaving.. Probably namely because I’ve longer hair than him.

Not content to only fuck with one person, I was quite happy when I noticed  Iben, and her boyfriend Under. The two budding youngsters were busy pouring over a cooler deciding on something to eat for dinner. In my above-mentioned state of enlightenment, I thought it’d be really funny to sneak up on Under and give him a friendly shove. Only I forgot that Under is probably about 5-10 kilos lighter than me (believe it or not) and since I don’t always know my own strength, it takes no genius to figure out what happened next: I sneak up, shove the poor boy with all my might, he whimpers, swirls his arms and eventually crashes into Iben, landing on her foot in the process which of course sends her screaming in pain and surprise… So much for that joke.. They were strangely happy to see me, though, well, after I’d spent a good amount of time apologizing for my stunt anyways.

Having not had the best of luck with my more or less practical jokes that evening, I decided to just pick up a pizza from the cooler and leave. I also grabbed a couple of beers as I was heading over to Dunkel’s later and then headed on my merry way after saying goodbye to Iben and Under. I went home, cooked up said pizza, watched a few episodes of Futurama, then went down to Dunkel’s after he’d gotten off work.

Drinking with Dunkel went about as well as it usually does when we’re starting out late but setting a good pace as to achieve a buzz sometime before 2 AM. We were pretty soon listening to our standard mix of classic rock, (more or less sane) cult classics, hardcore and heavy fucking metal. We were also pretty soon pretty drunk; as could be expected. I eventually ended up winding my way home at around 5-something AM and arrived home only to find out I was hungry as hell, so I went on up to a baker up the street from where I live and bought a bunch of insanely overpriced rolls to snack on for breakfast.. Good times!

All in all it was a good and insanely expensive day.. Glad I don’t have too many of those or it’d be back to the poor house for me. Today has been one of those lazy days for me spent recovering and preparing for tomorrow where I’ll be dining and partying with friends to properly celebrate that exams are over.. For Tina as well. I predict good times in the making!


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