Vegan Week 2008, Day Two: The scolding, the humiliation!

Well, it’s day two of our little experiment.. And, surprisingly, all is still well. Almost better than I’d like to admit, really. I sorta figured that by now my body would be complaining and giving me a hard time and my mind would go awandering, thinking about all the things that I can’t have.. Surprisingly, that hasn’t happened. And instead of feeling bad, I actually feel pretty damn good.. Like all healthy-like and stuff.. Scary, I know.. Heck, I’m starting to think I’ll even have to save some of these recipe ideas I come up with and save them for later.. Scarier, I know! But heck, I don’t often get to live a predominantly healthy life..

Alas, (poor Yorrick, I knew him well – err..) not all people share my enthusiasm for my newfound lifestyle.. Well, those who are in the know about my temporarily newfound lifestyle anyways. The nice lady at the cash register, for example, the one who I usually chit-chat a bit with when buying groceries, looked once at my surprising stack of fresh veggies, beans and what have you, then looked at me, then just shook her head and looked down.. No meat for you today, then, Mr. Johansen? Evidently not!

Things only got worse when I got home and saw that people had noticed my new display name on MSN (Vegan Johan) and had decided to be very vocal in their condemning of such a lifestyle.. To name but a few of the comments: “I’ll smash your face in!”, “Real men eat bacon and eggs for brunch!”, “The world wasn’t won over by herbavores” and “Men eat meat, cows eat grass, ’nuff said” – Hah, if only the knew I read all that and still all I really saw was “bacon” .. Mmm.. Bacon.. Okay, maybe I do miss bacon a little.

Anyways, when I said above that those in the know were condemning my actions, what I meant was that quite a few people are actually still in the dark about this.. Mainly my family. I mean, not that I don’t enjoy telling them all about my newest crazy bets and stupid plans.. It’s just that.. Well, it’s probably better that they don’t know. I mean, I can see it now.. My mom would probably break down and cry, thinking her son had gotten sucked into some weird form of religious cult with strange rituals and strict eating habits. My father would probably either just laugh and shake his head.. And Birthe, well.. she’d probably accuse me of sporting a new found drug-habit and think that “those stick-like platinum blonde super-model types” I hang around with would have taken my already well-documented eating disorder to new heights.. I mean, no offense to my wonderful female friends, but quite honestly, I see her coming up with something like that.. So, it’s probably better for everybody involved if we just maintain this shroud of darkness.. Also in front of my grandparents who, as I’ve mentioned, are farmers by nature and trade and therefor don’t even recognize vegetarians as real people.

Eh, well, still all is well.. I’m even starting to enjoy this stupid challenge. I just wish we’d found a sponsor to pay for all the damn food before we started this thing. One thing I do hate about living in Denmark is the ridiculous prices on fresh greens and fruit.


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