Vegan Week 2008: Day Four, You’ve been.. Thunderstruck!

Whoa! What gives? Y’know what? I do suspect that over the past 24 or so hours, Denmark has been hit with every bit of bad weather there is save typhoons and hails of fire.. Okay, granted, those are extreme.. But still, no kidding so far we (and I personally) have been bit by rain, storms, snow, hails and sleet.. And on top, we’re in the middle of a huge ass thunderstorm.. Granted, thunderstorms are fun, you get to walk around, howl at the moon and listen to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.. And that, in my book, qualifies as a dang good time, but really.. The rest of the crap, I could do without.. Easily! Especially when I have to be on the move.. Which, surprisingly I have been a lot today.. All things considered.

Y’know, it’s funny.. A couple of days ago when I was grocery shopping with Tina, I was mocking her because she bought so much shit all at once and was telling her that basically I prefered to just walk around to the store around the corner every other day and get whatever I needed.. Well, boy did that comment come back to haunt me today when I was out of stuff for my lunch salad and I had to wade through snow and rain to get whatever necessities I needed.. Bummer!

But oh well, at least in my mind the sun was shining. You see, I got graded on my four hour written exam today and received a 10, the second highest grade on the new scale.. Wow, was that a pleasant surprise, considering I was pretty damn sure I’d not done especially well.. At all!

In fact, the sun was shining so much in my mind, that I didn’t even really mind the second exposure to wind, rain, snow and what the fuck have you that I had to endure while winding my way down to Tina’s for dinner later that evening. In fact, I only seemed to mind right around the time that I made it inside and realized how much I’d taken on the likeness of a drowned mouse. But then, you don’t usually hear me complaining unless there’s someone around to hear it – Well, duh!

Anyways, yes… Dinner.. I have a sad feeling that Tina has been suffering more than I have during this whole crazy bet, so I took it upon myself to provide her a filling, protein and fiber rich meal to ease her near-endless hunger.. As well as to try and cheer her up after a long, hard day.. So I arrived, packing a bunch of homemade garam masala spice mix, tomatoes, lentils, wild rice, parboiled rice and my usual obscure sense of humor.. Well, one of the things I truly like about Tina, the tired version especially, is that it takes barely anything to turn her frown into a smile.. In fact, all it took was one look at my flavour shaker (which admittedly is one silly looking device), and she was happy just bouncing around the kitchen by herself for a few minutes, laughing and shaking the damn thing around like there was no tomorrow.. All while I was trying to get food on the table.

Oh yes, food.. Another trigger button for my dear, little friend. Hand her a plate of my food and good times are bound to ensue: This time the poor creature really was hungry so at the moment the food hit the table, she started piling into her mouth.. By way of her plate.. Almost.. Upon tasting it and seeing that it was good (who’d have thunk vegan tikka masala would work as well?), she piled even more generous amounts of food into her mouth.. before THEN realizing that the food (having just come off the burner) was insanely hot which lead to one of my favorite sights in the world: A flustered Tina waving her hands, cupping her mouth, making a combination of affirmative “Mmms” and painful whimpers while not really knowing whether to spit her food out or eat more.. While at the same time suffering from a series of hiccups from nearly bursting with laughter at the obvious insanity behind her own actions..  You gotta really see this for yourself to realize that it’s probably one of the funniest and cutest sights in the world, and gosh-darnit I wish I knew how she does it because whenever I pull something like this, I tend to just look like an idiot.

Anyways, Tina eventually calmed down a bit and the rest of the dinner (with wine, thank you very much) went pretty smoothly with everybody (all two of us) having both second and third servings.. Did I mention that the good thing about vegan food is that you can eat just about as much as you want, and not have to worry about the calorie intake? Yum!

Now after the usual dinner, the usual movie followed. We were lucky that for once there was something good on TV as one of the Danish channels showed Kill Bill, a favorite of mine – and Tina’s apparently. I made quite an effort trying out of trying to ge Tina to explain to me why a surprising number of sweet, little blondes liked such a reasonably (and by reasonably i mean ultra) violent movie.. It was all in vain, though, as she just shrugged and said something along the lines of “I dunno.. Tarrantino is just cool” – which I could really only agree with, but I really thought only we boys would appreciate the coolness of people being torn limb by limb with katanas and other fancy merchandise. It wasn’t till near the end that it hit me that the reason they might also like it is that aside from being cool, the movie is just damn pretty and beautiful. If you don’t believe me, re-watch the garden battle scene between that blooded, blonde hottie and the warped, Asian hottie..

Wait, was I side-tracking again? Anyways, after the movie, the rain and snow had thankfully stopped which made me quite happy as I had a 25 minute walk home to look forward to. Thanfully it kept dry all the way and I got to watch an awesome, awesome display of thunder and lightning lighting up the entire city as I walked uphill towards my apartment. Sadly, though, the wind had not calmed down, in fact it’s picked up, so I was kinda shivering too much under my soaked jacket to stop and really appreciate the show.. Not even the two glasses of wine had helped much, so of course I took it upon myself to hurry home and pour myself a nice dram to keep me warm while writing this.. Mmm.. Weekends.


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