Vegan Week 2008: Day Five, of veganism and drinking

Wow, you know what? Alcohol really hits you harder when you’re on a vegan diet and have only a bunch of veggies and assorted dead plants in your stomach to soften the blow of the alcohol.. Who’d have thunk? And who would have thunk that a crowded bar would be a hard place to find sympathy for your new-found lifestyle?

I think I spent several hours total at the Uboat trying to explain to people what we were doing, how we were doing it, why we were doing it and what not.. All while they were pointing and staring at me, laughing and eating their meat lovers pizzas. Which was kinda funny, especially considering that I myself didn’t really have much of a clue as to exactly how the deal was struck to do something this stupid.  The only bit of understanding I got was from Christian Bo who thought that the idea of celebrating a week of veganism with a nice dinner consisting of several different pieces if dead animals sounded like one hell of a good idea.. The rest of the time I pretty much spent taking flak, being told off about having lost a bit of weight to this experiment (two kilos as of Wednesday) and promising people to do my best to not let Tina follow suit.. Sheesh, gimme a break.. It was her idea 😉

Yesterday was actually the first opening day of 2008 in the Uboat so you can probably all imagine, that a lot of us were glad to be back.. ’twas pretty good to see the guys and gals again, and we basically all had a good, ol’ drunken time. I spent a good many hours monkeying about and talking to various people – I even got accused of being drunk.. Which might have had something to do with the diet.. Or the fact that I downed quite a few beers.. Either way, despite the accusations of drunk and disorderly conduct, I was still one of the last people to leave.. At around 4 AM.. after manning the bar for a couple of hours.. And harassing people with Aerosmith’s greatest hits followed by Guns N Roses’ greatest hits and a bit of U2 and R.E.M. for good measure.. Good times!

I apparently came home sporting a belt which I’d gotten from Daphne who had apparently gotten it from Justin.. I don’t know, it didn’t make much sense at the time, still doesn’t, but hey.. I got a belt.. But in return lost my scarf thingy.. Which was kind of a bummer.. Maybe there was some truth to the whole being drunk thing.. Who knows? At any rate, I had a pretty good night.. And I overcame the last major challenge of Vegan Week 2008, a night of binge drinking, pizzas all around and what have you.. Without succumbing to the urge of having a slice.. Despite people around me doing everything they could to tempt me.. Now all I gotta do is get through Superbowl Sunday tomorrow without digging into the hot wings, hot dogs, sammiches and what have you.. Oh fuck!


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