Vegan Week 2008: Day Seven, (not) the longest day

I haven’t been feeling well today.. Nothing much to say, really.. I just haven’t been feeling well today. As a result I’ve slept through most of it.. Well, I tried to get up at one point, spent about one hour out of bed, felt sick to my stomach and dizzy, thus went back.. So I’ve been up for like a total of six hours thus far today.. If by up you mean on the couch, cowering under a blanket..

So, nothing much to relate, other than the fact that we’ve obviously nearly made it! Nine and a half hours of veganism to go, baby! Woo! Okay, I need to either get some fresh air or pass out. I’ll update more later. Probably tomorrow.


2 responses to “Vegan Week 2008: Day Seven, (not) the longest day

  1. Weird how I spent the day the same way. The hangovers I was writing you about yesterday turned out to be food poisoning… guess how I spent my weekend

  2. See what happens when you stray away from us like that – never would’ve happened if you’d stayed and stuck to my cooking 😉

    No, seriously, I’m sorry, babe, read about it on Facebook and been meaning to write you and see how you were doing.. But haven’t exactly been on top of things myself as you can see. Hope you’re pulling through, though.. Food poisoning sucks!

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