Vegan Week 2008: Day Six, the recovering Vegan

Y’know, I thought hangovers would be a bitch without lean, mean, greasy non-vegan things to get you through the day.. As it turns out, hangovers are no match for a vegan diet.. All you’ve got to do is sleep through the day and you won’t even notice no damn hangovers.

Okay, so that really wasn’t how I expected to spend my Saturday, but for some reason, I slept in till around 4 PM and as such didn’t experience much of a hangover.. Or maybe I was just still drunk when I woke up.. Eh, at any rate, I’d timed things pretty well. I hadn’t been up for much more than an hour when Tina wrote a message saying that she had dinner enough for two and asked if I wanted to come over and spend a not very talkative evening with her.. Are you kidding me? Good food, good company, craziness and a laid back evening to boot.. Count me in!

So I packed up whatever little groceries I needed, then headed down her way, arriving about 30 minutes later. As it turns out, Tina wasn’t really about to keep her promise of not being very talkative, but that’s okay, I’ll let it slip this just this once, I do enjoy talking to her after all.. And it made for one hell of a good time cooking up dinner together. Tina had made some guacamole using the small mountain of avocados she had laying around and in return I made up a batch of salsa.. Because, well, salsa, tortilla chips and guac just go hand in hand. We ate these for starters, then collaborated on a vegan chili for the main course – which was almost barely touched by the way, owing to the salsa and guacamole combo being so damn good.

Tina is saying I always make fun of her when she eats, so I’ll skip the details this time around and just say that a good time was had by all, and that it was agreed that we should collaborate on dinner more often. Tina, as it turns out, is an awesome cook, she’s just never bothered to notice. Anyways, after dinner we retired fat and happy to the couch to recover while watching a movie. Today’s pick was “I Am Sam” which just happened to be showing one one of the movie channels and I must say it quite blew me away. I’ve always been a fan of Sean Penn’s acting, and his acting in this movie impressed me about as much as Dustin Hoffman’s role in Rainman.. Which incidentally was showing on another channel just after “I Am Sam” had finished.. What are the odds? Anyways, awesome movie, really emotionally engaging, even uplifting at times.

Thinking that watching two movies about mentally challenged people back to back would be a bit too much, we settled for just watching a bit of reality TV and British satire afterwards.. An activity which quickly grew a bit too old. Especially since the clock had now passed 1 AM and it was about time for me to make my way home.. By way of a huge pool of water outside Tina’s front door.. Funny how, these days, I spend probably at leat a day or two a week at her place and I still haven’t learned that whenever it rains, this huge-ass pool of water forms right outside the door.. One day, yes, one day I’ll learn.. Till then I’ll walk home proudly, head held high and socks dripping wet!


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