I’m still standing.. Well, anyway, more or less..

Whoa, sheesh! Sorry! I realize it’s been a while since I last posted any updates. Apologies are in order especially for those who are not fortunate enough to be around me on a regular basis and thus realize how much I’ve been stressing and/or monkeying about lately.

Long story short, aside from the regular day jobs, my studies and volunteer work at the Student House, we’ve also just this weekend had our first Thursday bar event of the semester.. Plus our first Saturday party.. A blast of a dress-up party which drew some 100+ people and was a blast to be proud of.. And, admittedly, made me a bit proud since it was only the second party which I carried large amounts of formal responsibility for – and, well, with my co-planner actually falling sick to the flu in the 11th hour (boo!), I kinda had to make a lot of decisions for myself.. So I’m glad things actually worked out.. It would’ve kinda sucked if only five people showed up, even if it’d have made the night a hell of a lot less stressful for all of us.

So yea, between trying to plan this whole event, starting school, being behind schedule with one of my jobs, struggling with a cold, doing the Thursday bar thing, plotting down responsibilities at the Student House, making up a communication strategy with Tina, partying Friday evening and throwing the huge-ass bash of a party on Saturday.. While still having to get up for work on Sunday.. My weekend has been kinda busy.

Actually, my Monday has been kinda busy, too, what with five hours of classes, some work on the Virtual Museum Project, which I admittedly cut short as I really was not in the mood for dealing with images and written accounts of the Holocaust and Anti-semitic movements on Nazi Germany.. And then having to bike on out to my mom’s and help her with some computer issues (I hate you, Microsoft!).. All of that on only four hours of sleep, ick! I’m hoping I’ll sleep better tonight.. Well, I’ll have to or I’ll never get up tomorrow, I guess.. Which’d be a shame as I’ve more treats from the Holocaust waiting for me.. And I probably should get some homework done as to not fall behind.

So forgive the lack of updates.. In the few hours that I have had off lately, I’ve been a really worn out boy..


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