Weary eyed..

Have you ever tried spending an entire day in front of a computer screen? I’m talking like 9 AM – 12 AM? If so, you’ll know how I feel.. If not, I can’t recommend it.. Really! Yea, so somehow I ended up first spending five hours at school in front of the screen, then homewards for a couple of hours of work, some e-mailing back and forth regarding VIMU and the Student House.. You’d think that’d be enough and, quite honestly, I did, too.. But that’s not how we play around here. You see, tonight I had to work at GLS as well, and somehow the fine, fine people at GLS had overbooked tonight’s shift, so I ended up upstairs in the office.. You guessed it.. in front of the computer, doing paper work for four hours.. Yawn!

You’d also be right in guessing that things got kinda crazy and weird on my side of the table right around 11 PM when I was about ready to throw in the towel and call it quits, yet had to stay around for another hour.. There was quite a lot of head bopping, singing, calling out random insults to innocent office workers and executives alike.. And, well, it wasn’t pretty. But I made it and apparently managed to entertain people near and far in the process.

Having just made it home, I just wanna pass out right about now.. But for reasons beyond my control and understanding there are quite a lot of seemingly drunk people having a sing-off of sorts outside my window.. Does anybody know if there’s some sort of holiday going on in Denmark at the moment? Because there sure seems to be a lot of drunken youngsters wandering about town at the weirdest hours these days.


One response to “Weary eyed..

  1. den pokkers vinterferie.

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