Looks like it’s gonna be one of those quiet home-alone Saturdays which to be honest, I don’t really mind. I really am getting too old for this partying all weekend kinda thing.. Honestly! It’s weird how at some point you just reach a spot where you’re like.. No, can’t do that anymore! I mean, if needed be, I could force myself to pull through for another day – like I did last weekend – but really, it’s just not that appealing anymore plus I’m starting to get wicked bad hangovers, something I’ve not usually had to deal with before.

So, safe and sound at home it is.. Which is probably for the better since I have to get up pretty early tomorrow and do some work for the Student House.. It’s been a pretty good weekend, though. After a pretty long work day Thursday, we had a good, ol’ time at the Student House where I spent a couple of hours, drinking some beers, spinning some tunes, catching up with Tina who I hadn’t seen in forever.. Okay, four days maybe.. But still.. Basically it was just a good time. I wasn’t really planning on DJing that night, but since nobody else jumped at the opportunity, I guess I was stuck with the task.. And for a metalhead, I think I delivered a pretty good mainstream set – with just a bit of Stone Temple Pilots, Tool and hair metal thrown in for good measure.

Friday.. Well, Friday went about as much off track as you’d expect for a day which started out seeing me kicking off the day with extra strong lagers at 1 PM.. I don’t know how I ever expected this to be a good way to start the day, but either way that’s how it began, stumbling out of bed and off to the Uboat by way of the shower and a quick breakfast eaten over the kitchen sink.  Arriving safely at the Uboat, I quickly ended up behind the bar with Jimmy and Thomas, chatting randomly with a couple of people and throwing down a few beers. At around 2:15 PM, Christian and Emelie showed up for a few beers as did Daphne.. And Daphne came bearing bad ideas.

To be honest it all started rather innocently with Daphne asking “How about we play a game?”.. Now, we’ve already covered my lack of ability to argue against cute, little girls with batting eye-lashes so I don’t think I need to tell you that when she suggested the game be “Fuck the dealer“, I thought it to be the grandest idea ever. The end result was Emelie and I doubling in the roles of both dealer and proper fucked as most of the game consisted of us passing the deck to one another.. Good times! And this was all before the clock even struck 5 PM and I had to head off to do some shopping and get some well-deserved dinner.

Anyone ever noticed how simple tasks such as grocery shopping becomes so much more fascinating after a six-pack or so? Well, I noticed yesterday.. As did Mia, the girl upstairs, who was working the register at the supermarket that particular evening.  I don’t know why, but the last six or seven odd times I’ve been doing grocery shopping, I’ve ended up walking through the register where she just happened to be sitting, usually making some weird, funny or embarrassing comment in my passing. I hope she doesn’t think I’m stalking her or anything 😉

Anyways, after doing some shopping, warming up some leftover chili con carne and consuming said chili, I stumbled on back to the boat where I fell right into the arms of Thomas, Justin, Kristian and another bunch of extra strong lagers.

To say that things went downhill from here would be an understatement.. Somehow within the span of only a few hours, I ended up not only getting off my arse drunk, but also being ridiculed by a bunch of lesbians, as well as being video taped while performing a Danish pop classic with Justin.. Not to mention turning myself into a bloody mess when, once again, failing to act as a gentleman by helping Mia (the uni version, not the girl upstairs) open a twist cap bottle.. For the record, you shouldn’t poke fun of a girl for not being able to open one such contraption, then proceed to slice open your hand in an attempt to help her only to then bleed all over the damn bar and the poor customer’s drink.. Whoops!

I probably should’ve taken the experiences mentioned above as a sign to slow down, but knowing me that just wasn’t to happen.. As a result yet another night ended in a blur. One of the last things I remember is Tina and Jakob showing up.. And since I was staggering around drunk outside at that moment, I probably  owe my noticing their arrival to Linette who was kind enough to inform me that Tina had just showed up and I should go give her a hug.. It was only earlier today that I found out that even in my profound drunken state had I remembered to congratulate her and Jakob on their one year “anniversary” – apparently I’m ever the gentleman (or the failing gentleman) even when drunk and disorderly.

Even  if I tried, I can’t tell you how the night ended. But I did wake up in my bed this morning and by the looks of it, there was some late night snacking involved. I’d even somehow managed to apply a homemade Jamaican jerk marinade to a bunch of chicken tenderloins and left the to marinade overnight.. A quite impressive feat given the state I was in, I dare say. What’s even more amazing is that after having them for dinner tonight, I can say that they were truely delicious. Well, unsalted but delicious none the less.

So yea, that was pretty much my weekend. Today has been devoted to hangovers, an hour’s worth of work, my daily supermarket date with Mia, Jamaican jerk chicken featuring loads of Guatemalan insanity peppers Scotch Bonnet peppers, and well, that’s pretty much it.. Mmm.. Chicken.


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