Whatcha mean I’m f’ed up?

So, apparently there was some consensus that my last post was not only ridiculously fucked up, but also ridiculously funny.. Well, I apologize for my reasoning sounding a little fucked up, it’s probably mostly owing to me being a little fucked up.. Wait, did I say fucked up? I mean.. Special.. Wait, that sounded wrong as well..

What I’m trying to say is that evidently I just do things my way.. The Johan way.. I think differently, act differently (as anyone who’s ever seen me getting overly excited will testify), talk differently (no, YOU’RE wrong! Juxtaposition is a perfectly suitable word for every day conversation)  and just plain do things differently.. Even when it comes to impressing the women.

Like, take yesterday when I’m walking around the local mega mart looking to spend a bunch of money that I just happened to stumble upon – okay, if you really wanna know, I sold some books! Anyways, I’m walking around when suddenly I hear a cheerful “Hey!” and Louise Ø (who loyal readers will recognize as the Olympic swimmer in front of which I made a total fool out of myself at this years Rush Trip back in September) from the Uboat more or less launches at me in a great, warm hug. I hug her back, pull back slightly, tilting my head, looking at her and in a soft yet perplexed manner utter the words “my God, you really are pretty tall!” – confusion ensues for a few ticks while she ponders whether or not I just complimented her and I (in my mind’s eye) slap myself repeatedly on the forehead, wondering what any other sane gentleman would’ve said.. But yea, that’s how I roll.. Not quite sticking to the norm, so really – things like these considered, I guess it should come as no surprise that my thought process is a little messed up. At least following the life and the ways of the Johan can be a somewhat interesting ordeal.

But what of the personal updates, you ask? Well, if you’re getting the feeling that I’m stalling, you’re kinda onto something. Thing is, I still have a cold so I’m at my best sleeping 8-1o hours a day which doesn’t really leave much room for anything else, especially not when you’ve school and a couple of jobs to take care of as well. So yes, life has been exceptionally dull these last couple of days, and yes, I’m quite hoping for a change..

Speaking of changes, actually as I was writing this I got a call from Tina and following a lengthy conversations about the suckiness (see, told you I talk differently.. But don’t fuzz, suckiness is a perfectly cromulent word!) of life in general, we decided to go for a bit of a road trip together tomorrow.. Yay change! Besides, a break for road tripping sounds better than my original plan of working 9 AM – midnight! More on that tomorrow.. And speaking of midnight, it’s actually already way past midnight, and with 9 AM classes in store for me tomorrow, I guess that also means way past my bedtime! So, goodnight, Neverland!


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