I’m beaten..

Well, hello there! Sure has been a while again since I last posted. The reason? Well, I’ve been busy running around doing the exact same thing that I was claiming not too long ago that I was definitively getting too old for. Partying all weekend and getting something like a normal night’s sleep between Thursday and Saturday. It’s been a blast, I’ve done a load of weird stuff, I’ve helped put on one Thursday bar and one Saturday night party/concert at the Student House. And I’d really love to tell you all about it. The main problem is, though, that somewhere in the process, I threw out my back and it’s now giving me hell to pay to a point where I can’t even really sit up straight which has meant that since being slumped down in a bean bag chair for a meeting at the Student House for a couple of hours, I’ve now generally been left with the choice of either standing up (somewhat) straight or lying down. A predicament that left both Tina and I pretty pouty as she’d have loved nothing more than to give me a ride home and make sure that I got to lay down whereas I, not being able to sit, had to put one a brave face and got to feel like a total asshole for declining her sweet offer all whilst trying my best to act like I wasn’t hurting too badly.. Didn’t work, huh?

Anyways, that whole back thing isn’t really too inspiring in terms of making me want to curl up on the couch and write long, drunken rants from my weekend of awesomeness – so those will have to wait. I think as for right now, I’ll stick to just stretching out and trying not to move too much as I wait for dinner to finish cooking. Apparently I’m also almost out of muscle relaxants.. This blows! But what a weekend it was indeed.


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