Let’s call it a compromise!

It occurred to me (again) that I’m pretty much an moron, both in terms of taking care of myself and  letting others take care of me.. But it also occurred to me that at least I’m getting better. Last night, after me politely declining a ride home, Tina made me promise that if I was not feeling better, I’d take the day off..

Well, I woke up this morning, still not feeling too well in my back and pondering what to do. See, I know fully well that Tina’s hands are too small and soft for her to physically rip my head off, I also know, though, that she’s more than capable of giving me a scolding bad enough to make me feel like she’d have ripped my head off.. So, what to do? Well, in a surprising move, I actually decided – against my usual judgment – that it would probably make both of us happier if I at least skipped school and waited a few hours before deciding whether to go to work or not. In an even more surprising move, I even shot Mr Granlie an e-mail saying that I wouldn’t be able to spent time on the VIMU project today as I was more than a little incapable of sitting up.

If, by now, you’re thinking that taking these measures would be common sense for anyone, you’ve obviously not read my posts about going to school or work with massive headaches, raging fevers, sprained ankles, bad bags and what have you.. So yea, a pretty rare sick day for me it was.. Which turned out to pay off as spending another day in bed actually made me capable of being up and around by late afternoon. My new-found better judgment apparently also pleased Tina as she actually didn’t object too violently to me going to work. Our only major fight now turned out to be whether I was capable of transporting myself to work by means of my bike or whether she’d be driving me to work.

Me, being ever so fearful of letting others do me a favor, thinking that I’ll somehow end up being a burden on them, was of course arguing that I was fine (which I was, really) and could take care of myself. Tina, being the helpful little angel that she is, was more than a little upset with this attitude of mine and was stubbornly demanding to help me out. The end result was a great compromise of sorts which saw me agreeing to let Tina drive me to work and pick me up in return for me showing up a couple of hours early and cook her dinner. If you’re thinking I’m an idiot for even thinking twice about having my own personal driver for the evening, you’re probably right – but that’s just the way I work.. It’s a long story, okay? Tina evidently knows me well enough to know that the only way she’d get me to go along was to suggest the above mentioned compromise.

Speaking of knowing each other well, I showed up at Tina’s around 7 PM (Oops.. Sorry, Z, I forgot to mention I’m working 9 – 01 at the moment) and found her pretty busy at work cleaning up all her personal documents. I went into the kitchen and got busy peeling and chopping up some onions and carrots I’d brought. Tina yells at me from the living room that she’s sorry to say that she doesn’t have any vegetables to which I reply something along the lines of “Oh, that’s okay, I brought some root veggies.” She then comes dashing into the kitchen going “Oh, what else did you bring?” I sorta shrug and go “Well, nothing.”, she looks at me, laughs and goes “What, you just expected me to have something out of the freezer to go with what you’d brought?” I shrug once again and go “Well, yeah!” pointing in the general direction of a pack of minced beef currently defrosting on the counter.. Which makes Tina walk away, shaking her head and muttering about us spending way too much time together and/or knowing each other way too well.. Pffft! 😉

The next hour is pretty much a blur as I’m running around cooking and doing dishes while Tina is running around trying to sort out a couple of years worth of paper work, but eventually we do manage to have dinner on the (clean, cleared) table at around 8:10 which gives us just enough time to gulp down our food before running out the door and into the car before shooting off to GLS where Tina deposits me for four hours of fun in front of the computer. How lucky was I to not have to do manual labor this week with this back of mine?

Work, as always, was pretty uneventful and boring. Especially now that they seem to have revoked my internet privileges, but at least with the new, weird hours the pay is better, and for some reason, I’d found a copy of M! (Danish FHM clone) amidst Tina’s mess, so I didn’t really notice my lack of connectivity. So, with having that, my iPod, cofee, and tea, it really wasn’t too bad of a deal. I walked out the door at around 1 AM to find Tina waiting for me and a smile shot across my lips as I opened the passenger door to hear but a split second of HiM’s “Wings Of A Butterfly”, as Tina’s finger flew to change the track. Apparently she felt bad about having already gotten it stuck on my mind once and having to hear me bitch and moan about it.

We drove home, chatting happily and actually ended up sitting in my driveway for a while, talking about whatever weird issues I was demonstrating this week and how I’m not an ungrateful bastard for refusing help, but  just a really messed up young man. And it was at this point I became certain that there’s some sort of conspiracy going on. I mean for years now, Zascha and Tina have worked on making me better at accepting a helping hand. And, Goddamnit, I think by means of this strange thing called logic, these seemingly innocent girls are actually starting to poke a hole through this tough outer shell of illogical behavior, strange-ass pride and shyness when it comes to asking for help that  I’ve been boasting for so many years.. Hmpf.. Scary! 😉

Anyways, as you can probably guess by the length and wording of this post, I’m actually doing a hell of a lot better, and I’m actually able to sit up again and do some typing and what have you. As you can probably also guess from the length of this post, it’s now also very late (or early if you will) so I’d better get to bed. All in all, it was, in the end, a pretty good day, and all in all letting Tina help me, didn’t hurt as much as I’d expected.. Or well, there’s some debate as to that whole thing.. I’m claiming I let her help me, she’s claiming she left me no choice in the matter which is probably a more correct wording, but don’t tell her I said that.


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