Don’t slow down you’re gonna craaash..

Ahem, sorry.. I promise this will be the first and only time you’ll be bothered by a Shebang reference on here.. Looks like I missed another post yesterday, huh? Well, let’s just call it the Johan Paradox, shall we? I keep promising I’ll do better at updating, yet at the same time I keep getting more and more busy, thus missing the chance to do so. I wanted to update yesterday, loyal reader, I really did.. But meh, somehow getting home from work at 1:30 and getting up for school at 8.. Well, taking time to update my blog before sleep didn’t really go over too well with my promise of trying to take care of myself.

So, I didn’t and instead went straight to bed for about six hours of blissful sleep, despite of which it’s still been an insanely fucked up and sleep deprived day for your’s truly. I’ve touched upon before how sleep deprivation makes the world seem like an even more messed up place to live in and today was certainly no exception.. Starting out from home at 8:45 AM, I found myself in such a zombified (yes, that’s a word, I just made it up!) state that I actually had to tell myself to actively put one foot of the other, one foot at the time until I’d made the 20 minute walk to uni.

Safely there, I found out I could’ve easily drifted a bit as our lecturer, Sinore Corradini, was evidently still living on Italian time and thus showed up fashionably late in true southern European style. When he did show up, though, he wasted no time in jumping into a seemingly confusing  mix of server-side web scripting technologies, programming languages, and Danish as well as Italian for beginners. I’m sure that all sounds rather confusing and indeed it was. But come on , how often do you get to the chance to learn about web programming while in turn teaching your lecturer about PHP security, the fundamental difference between the danish words for “she” and “dog” – and learn a bit of Italian in return? I thought it awesome, but then again, I’m sleep deprived. Awesome? Yes! Useful? No! About the only thing I learned was the word “picoletta” which apparently refers to something which is tiny, feminine and nice/fine.. I found this a pretty good excuse for sending Tina a message which read something along the lines of “Hey, I just found out the Italians have a word for you!”

Incidentally, this is about the time where I discovered that I might be a little more messed up than my usual sleep-deprived self today. You see, over time, I’ve developed this system which I shall henceforth refer to as the Tina Scale Of Weirdness. And it’s pretty simple test for establishing just how weird I am in a given situation: I’ll simply send Tina a text message containing whatever I’m thinking and one of the following actions will ensue: a) In the case that I’m just being moderately weird and or funny, she’ll just play along, no questions asked. b) In cases where I’m borderline weird or out of my mind she’ll reply with a “Huh?” followed by the part of my message that she’s having trouble understanding or dealing with, followed by another question mark. c) In cases where I’m just being too fucking weird to a point where she can’t even be arsed to wrap her head around my line of thought or deal with my weirdness, she’ll just blatantly ignore my message.

Needless to say, this time my message went blatantly ignored whereas our other tidbits of communication went well enough. So yea, this is why straying from the path of web programming to discuss languages and security issues with my lecturer in front of a largely dumbfounded classroom in retrospect maybe was a bit of a bad thing to do.. But hey, I’m sleep deprived!

Following Sinore Corradini’s classes and a fifteen minute lunch break, we went for two classes in e-learning theory which, in my sleep deprived and semi-hurting stage didn’t make much sense – a fact that, much like when I show up drunk for class (not that I’ve ever really done that), didn’t help me from taking part in the discussion by spending about ten minutes ranting about the fundamental differences in working patterns of novice and expert computer users.

When classes finally ended at 2:15, it was no rest for the wicked. I had to shoot off to the store to buy some groceries, then home to do some much needed cleaning.. A project which went quite well for a few hours and then not well at all as my back decided to once again make its presence known by aching ever so slightly. Which is actually the reason why I have time for sitting around now doing this update as cleaning was postponed in favor of Project Virtual Museum and geeking about on the computer. Y’know, because going to work tonight with a severely hurting back would suck! And no, you did not read that wrong.. I’m actually giving this whole taking better care of myself thing a shot.

Anyways, that’s the day so far. 9.5 hours down, 7.5 to go.. Woo!


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