I love you, Trent Reznor!

Ahem.. I guess that puts to rest any claims of me being homophobic.. Anyways:

Nine Inch Nails has released a new album under the Creative Commons License.

The album 36 track album, Ghosts I – IV, is available for purchase on their website @ the whopping price of $5 – furthermore, a compilation of the first nine tracks entitled Ghosts I is available as a free download on the site – as well as on the The Pirate Bay, supposedly posted there by Trent himself.

In a message accompanying the torrent file available on The Pirate Bay, Trent writes the following:

“Ghosts I is the first part of the 36 track collection Ghosts I-IV. Undoubtedly you’ll be able to find the complete collection on the same torrent network you found this file, but if you’re interested in the release, we encourage you to check it out at ghosts.nin.com…”

Now who is with me in thinking that it’s great to see that even major artists such as NiN and Radiohead are exploring new revenue models? And showing that it’s actually possible to have success with such models? I’m definitely buying this album, I hope you’ll consider doing the same. I’m not even that big of a NiN fan but $5 for a full album? There’s a statement I can get behind and I do feel very strongly that artists who are actually willing to explore such new distribution models deserve a pat on the back for doing so. DRM-free music at prices that even we poor students can afford, this is what we’ve wanted for so long and now it’s finally starting to happen.


One response to “I love you, Trent Reznor!

  1. i luff him too

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