Lucking out!

Can I just say that working three nights at week 9 PM – 1 AM is no fun with another job and studies on the side? Whose grand idea was this? And can I just add that struggling you way through the storm on your bike just in order to accomplish this feat is even less fun?

I’m sooo friggin’ knackered right now, and that’s even with me lucking out tonight and getting off 30 mins early after spending the half hour or so prior playing solitaire at DKK 160 an hour (gotta love delayed EDI transfers). And thanks are in order for Lene who felt sorry for me for having to bike through the wind and rain and offered me a ride back home.. Even though that means I’m now facing the predicament of whether or not to ask Tina for help getting to work the week after next.. But it’s all good, I’m really not sure how I’d have survived that last hour.. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go crash, I’ve got six hours of work tomorrow and a bar night on top.. Bar night’s good, though, I’m betting I could use a drink by tomorrow night.. Man what a week it’s been so far.


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