Why does it always rain on me?

No, really? What the fudge is up with all this rain we’ve been getting lately? And why does most of it end up on me? I decided to go see my mother today because a) Free food rocks! b) My bike was stuck at work (ie her back yard, more or less) and c) Well, she wanted some pics I’d snapped at my uncles birthday last month.. So okay, I went, things went pretty smoothly. I even nearly made it home pretty much okay and dry – no small miracle seeing as it’s been pouring down since like.. Oh, I dunno.. May of last year? Now, I say nearly because.. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I made it till within about 500 meters of my home when suddenly, I’m overtaken by an 18-wheeler doing 60 some km/hr through pretty much the biggest pool of water between here and the Baltic Sea.. Which, in case you’re wondering creates a broadside of water which is not only big enough to soak me through and through, but actually also powerful enough to nearly knock me clean off my bike.. Awesome! Well, not really. So if any of you within the city limits are wondering what all the harking, sneezing and cussing is all about, it’s probably just me voicing my general discomfort with things as of present.

Speaking of discomfort with things, I’m actually quite busy packing up because someone somewhere got the grand idea that as part of our compulsory course in E-learning, we should take part in a 48 hour so-called Solution Camp.. Which is just a fancy word for locking poor defenseless students up in isolation for 48 hours in some remote location and forcing them to work on various more or less relevant projects for local companies.. Which, in case you’re wondering, is not really my idea of a great time.. I don’t generally take well to remote isolation.. At least not unless various forms of alcohol are involved.

Furthermore, I’ve been told that I should expect to be rather inaccessible to the outside world both through mobile phone, email and the internet.. Which is even more bollocks, because who doesn’t love being harassed by me over both phone, Facebook and other medias? Right.. That’s what I’m saying. Anyways, just a small heads up to those who may start wondering about a distinct lack of updates on here or a distinct lack of weird-ass SMS harassment. I promise I’ll have a crappy ol’ time, but will be home soon enough to tell you all about it.


2 responses to “Why does it always rain on me?

  1. Getting a bit old and grumpy.. huuh? 😉 Nah, I get it. Here’s my weekend update, since I can’t call you tomorrow: went to a cocktail bar Friday. Experienced 1½ hours of happy hour –> got really drunk. Danced all night in new shoes – meaning really sore feet. Had hangovers Saturday and was really “bagstiv” wandering the city randomely with a girl friend. Had a party to go to in the evening. Ended up really drunk and sleeping at a friend’s house. So just to sum up… been drunk all weekend and now comes a long, hard week in Strasbourg!

  2. Whatcha mean “getting”? 😉 Naw, thanks for the update, sweety, it’s much appreciated especially seeing as we apparently don’t get to talk tomorrow.. And to think you used to give me crap for drinking too much.. My, my, it does appear that the tables have turned 😉 Or.. Maybe you’re just as bad as I am now.. Hmm..

    Anyways, I’ll try to get a weekend update up ASAP, can’t miss two in a row.

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