Well, that went well..

So, I make it back from camp for about 24 hours, ten of which are spent sleeping, before I fall victim to the sweet, sweet Jezebel that is cheep beers and free booze. Obviously after spending 48 hours in so-called “luxury isolation (which I can’t really talk too much about given the NDA that I signed), I had quite a bit of steam to blow.

I wasn’t really planning on getting my partay on, even, I just wanted to head down to the Student House, spin a few tunes, have a few beers and then that was supposed to be it. Eh, well, life had other plans for me, one beer begot another, friends showed up, Tina started winning beers which is usually good news for me since she’s so awesome at bar games that she always wins more than she can drink and is sweet enough to pass some on to the less fortunate (i.e. me).. Anyways, before I knew it, I was busy talking to Anders, Chris, Anne and others, throwing down beers at an admirable pace and having a damn good time doing it.. But then, that’s how I roll.

Not long after, I got pulled into a pretty heated game of Fuck The Dealer with Tina, Daphne, an ex-Olympic swimmer, a lesbian.. And other personalities as well! Which lasted right until midnight when we were forced by stupid regulations to shut the party down.  Not too content to go home and catch some sleep Tina, Jakob, Einar, Martin, Chris and I hang back for a while after closing time, having a beer, before unanimously deciding that the only reasonable thing to do was to pop open a bottle of Cava and share it between us on the short walk down to Lanternen, a favorite cheap (kinda sketchy) bar hang-out of ours..

We arrived in good fashion to find the place packed  with youngsters and not quite so young people co-existing in beautiful, drunken harmony. We struggled through the line at the bar and ordered up a round of beers and settled down to talk for a while. We were eventually joined by some of Martin’s colleagues plus Jimmi and a few others who just happened to be staggering around drunkenly.. The beers were plenty, it was all good fun, the attention from the middle aged women were a bit too much to bear.. And eventually the Johan got drunk. So drunk, in fact, that he decided to stagger home by way of the Student House to look for his iPod that had somehow mysteriously disappeared. Upon retrieving it, he naturally decided to listen to a bit of music, but not only that, of course. He also felt like he needed to inform the world about what he was listening to.. Which is why Zascha at close to 4 AM this morning received a rather drunken message detailing the awesomeness of Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”.. Yup, smooth, not like she had to get up at 7 or anything.  Well, sorry about that one, babe, sometimes ya just gotta do stupid things before going to bed..

Speaking of bed, I wholeheartedly expected to be hung the fuck over when I woke up on the couch (?!) this morning.. However, that never happened.. So, lets do it again tonight, shall we? 😀


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