Yay you!

Blog Stats

Total Views: 30,099

Best Day Ever: 374 — Monday, July 9, 2007

Views today: 50

Wow, will you look at that? It seems my little blog hit another milestone, namely that of catching peoples’ attention well over 30,000 times. I guess this means I’ve pretty effectively lost the silly fight for visitors I picked with Mette about a year back. But I still find it pretty cool that I’ve gotten this much attention for my weird musings and drunken escapades.. So thank you all for sticking around.

Another thing I find dead cool is that I apparently have declared fans out there. I mean, imagine my surprise when I suddenly get added by a (to me) totally unknown user on MSN.. Well, okay, quite honestly that’s not very surprising.. But imagine then that this person turns out to be a cute, lil chick who proceeds to tell you that she’s be following your blog for well over a year and just wanted to let you know that she loves coming home from work and catching up on your blog.. Really, how awesome is that? Johan Johansen, Internet Superstar.. Yup, I like the ring of that!

Ahem, okay, lets not get carried away, shall we? I just found it ridiculously awesome (and somewhat strange) that people I never even really knew existed takes such great interest in my life and my writings. I so can’t wait to get back to the Uboat to brag to the boys.. They seem to have this idea that I’m the epitome of Rock ‘n’ roll because of the whole band shirt/long hair/hard liquor and strong lager image.. Wait till I tell them they can now add hot female fans to the list of Rock  ‘n’ Rollness.. Awesome! 😉

Okay, I’m probably ranting again.. And sounding like a bit of an ass.. I just appreciate the attention is all, really.. And I’ll stop now. I’m a little besides myself today.. But after two days of partying with Dunkel and the boys (and 60-some beers plus six bottles of booze), I guess that should come as no surprise.. I originally intended to chronicle the experiences tonight but since I’ve actually only just now (midnight) reached a point where I can actually function somewhat and express myself somewhat coherently, I guess that’s out of the picture.

Ah well, since I intend to actually get some work and some school stuff done tomorrow, I’ve passed up the opportunity to go on a pubcrawl with Tina & Co tonight in favor of staying home and sobering up.. So hopefully tomorrow will bring wild adventures of my self-abusive binges and headbanging related head injuries..


6 responses to “Yay you!

  1. Waiiihhaaiit a minute there… I have over 33,000 visitors… Still got some cathching op to do. However, you do win the best day fight, my best day is 265 🙂 So we can share the victory 😉

  2. Waiiihhaaiit a minute there… I have over 33,000 visitors… Still got some catching op to do. However, you do win the best day fight, my best day is 265 🙂 So we can share the victory 😉

  3. Eh? What the fedge? I said you won, what on earth are you complaining about? 😛

  4. I’m pretty sure it said you won… You didn’t edit it from then till now? 😉 Otherwise it might just have been a woozy, boring class, which made my eyes blurry 😀

  5. And.. you are more than welcome to delete one of the entries, must’ve slipped my finger 🙂

  6. I edited nothing.. But then again, I can totally relate to woozy, boring classes making your eyes blurry 😛

    I actually did admit defeat which, as you’ll know if you’ve read this blog for some time, I’m rather good at 😉

    So yea, you win.. But I’m still a hundred times as Rock ‘n’ Roll as thou art 😉

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