I can has cheezburger – extreme edition!

Okay, this is probably old news, but still ridiculously funny in a disgusting kinda way.. Sure beats any binge I’ve been on.. And somehow brings fond memories of my time in SoCal and trips to In-N-Out with Jerm.

Ordering a 100 x 100 at In-N-Out: http://whatupwilly.blogspot.com/2006/01/in-n-out-100×100.html

Wondering what a 100 x 100 is? Well, duh, it’s a burger with 100 patties and 100 slices of cheese between two softly toasted buns.. In-N-Out apparently let you order any number of patties you wanted in your burgers.. Up until this stunt anyways. Apparently now the largest size is 4×4 which I can tell from experience is still quite enough for the average guy.


4 responses to “I can has cheezburger – extreme edition!

  1. 100 slices of cheese between two softly toasted buns? Sounds like an obese erotic fantasy!

  2. … And a heart attack waiting to happen! 😉

    Mmm.. Cheese..

  3. A bit extreme but none the less probably packed with deliciousness, also good at inspiring me to head over to the local In-N-Out for dinner last night. So Good.

  4. You’re a son of a bitch, der, and I hate you forever for having a local In-N-Out.. I’m getting all nostalgic-like thinking about going to ye locale In-N-Out.. And Vons (employees on strike and all).. And the pigeon bum for some reason. Dang, I need a new SoCal fix.

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