Getting fucked by the man!

Well, that was interesting.. Seems I’m just SOL (shit out of luck) these days. Or, well, not entirely. The good news is that I’m finally getting paid for my VIMU work. The bad news is that things have once again gone bump along the way. I received a paycheck today for the first 24 hours of work. I wasn’t expecting big bucks or anything, but at DKK 115 an hour, I was at least expecting something.. As it turns out, that something amounted to a total of DKK 815.65 after taxes. For those doing the math at home, yes that means I paid well over 60% income tax.

Granted, Danish taxes are ridiculous, but this still doesn’t seem quite right to me. 40% would’ve been a hell of a lot more reasonable what with what I’m earning at the moment.. So it looks like I’ve once again been shafted by the man. On a positive note, that means I at least won’t have to worry about paying extra taxes next year, but will actually be in for a tax refund. The bad news is that that is exactly when I can expect to see the rest of my rightfully earned money. In a year from now! Ridiculous.

The irony of it all seems to be that only hours ago, I was bitching to Tina that even at the ripe age of 26 I was dirt poor and had never in my life managed to make more than DKK 152/hr tops. Heh, well apparently now my one place of employment seems to be thinking that I’m rich enough to be paying top taxes (60%) .. Eh, buggrit (Millennium hand and shrimp), I was trying to save money for next year anyways, wasn’t I? At least this way I’m sure I’ll be saving something.. Now all I have to worry about is the present.. Hey, maybe Tina will kick some more guy ass at pub games tonight and win a free beer for me.. I hear free beers are very affordable.

Eh, I’m kidding, I’ll survive just fine. I’ve got pretty stable personal finances. I was just hoping to be able to play the role of big spender for a change now that I’ve been working my ass off for the last couple of months. Apparently that was not really about to happen. Well, maybe next year, then! And hopefully, I’ll be able to fix the tax issue before my next paycheck (50 hours) clears.


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