The Johansen paradox

It occurred to me today that I’m just not listening.. I keep telling myself that I’m getting too damn old to party three nights a week.. Yet I don’t listen and just keep doing it.. What the hell is wrong with me? 😉 So, today marks another worthless Sunday for me where I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done.. Sleeping in, barely eating, stumbling about groaning and being utterly lazy.. Good times! Heading down to Dunkel in a few to lie on the couch and watch movies.. It’ll be my most constructive move of the day.. Good times!

Wee hours edit: Okay, so apparently it turns out that the most constructive part of my wasn’t stumbling down to Dunkel’s, it was consuming a healthy one pound of ground turkey in my first and only meal of the day.. A feat which, strangely enough, only my male friends seem impressed by. But hey, my wannabe turkey burgers turned spicy turkey meatballs in red pesto and tomato sauce over pasta with generous sprinkling of cheese turned out too good for me to not hog them all down in one sitting and subsequently spending the following hours complaining about the effects of overeating.

Which made for an interesting time at Dunkel’s as I spent the first couple of hours just lying on one of his couches, muttering incoherently, groaning and generally not making sense due to the severe alcohol and food induced delirium I had going for me.. The fact that Dunkel chose to put on a bunch of old Tintin cartoon episodes didn’t really help much as there’s probably nothing weirder in the world that the sight and sounds of a delirious Johan ranting and raving about Captain Haddock and the Thomson/Thompson duo. To remedy the situation after such ridiculous comments as: “Do you reckon Tintin uses his tom-tom to get to the tam-tam?”  (which probably only makes even the slightest bit of sense to Danes), Dunkel put on D-WAR, which in turn had me ranting about dragons for the next 90 minutes, and “The Changeling” which, owing to its awesomeness, actually shut me up.

By midnight when The Changeling (very fittingly) ended, I was fully ready to pack up and go home, but for reasons beyond my understanding, Dunkel decided to tune onto MTV and I discovered that Headbanger’s Ball was on.. More specifically, I discovered that they were playing “Raining Blood” and we all know that the idea of me walking out on a Slayer song is pretty much unthinkable.. So I stayed.. And then Anthrax came on.. And well, long story short, I managed to get out of the door by around 1 AM, intending to go home and go straight to bed.. Which doesn’t really explain why I’m now sitting here updating this entry. But, eh, some things are probably better left unexplained.


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