Bored in class? Weekend update!

I’m stuck in class having to listen to basic programming theory which is something I’ve only been over like a million times before. Geeze, I should’ve listened to myself yesterday when I was talking about sleeping in and skipping classes. Oh well, time to get ye olde blogge updated, I guess.

So wanna hear about my weekend? Well, as if you had a choice.. So, lets go..


Well, what to say about Thursday? Same ol’, same ol’, really.. Recovering from work, doing some more work on various projects and then off to the Student House after dinner. I arrived there at around 7 PM and started getting things ready for the evening. Apparently someone had decided that it’d be a good idea to turn off the fridges so the first thing to do was to get power back and got those started so that we’d actually have cold beers to offer.. Which is always a plus if you plan on making any money.

After a while Jesper and Jakob showed up, Tommy, Martin and Einar, too. We hung out for a while and not much happened. Apparently the design school people were out of town and uni people were off doing various things such as playing football. Anywyas, we had a pretty good time and after a while Tina and a few others showed up to help brighten the day.. And throw the world’s smallest poker tournament featuring five people.

Strangely enough it was kinda nice to have a night where not much happened and I really had the chance to sit around and talk to people.. Including the design school people that eventually showed up. People I’d never really talked to before but actually had a pretty good time with.. Such a good time, really, that I ended up moving on to another bar with them after we closed at midnight. Not the world’s smartest idea since I had to get up early the next day. But then, I’ve never been known to get very good ideas after a few beers. Oh well, at least I managed to get home at around 2 AM when we were oh so forcefully booted from the new watering hole we’d found, without even feeling too drunk at the time.


Friday morning was, as could be expected not the funniest experience in the world. I wasn’t really hung over, but I wasn’t feeling too hot either, and I was really f’ing tired after weeks and weeks of hard work and a general lack of sleep.. But such is the ways of the Johan and it’s not like I haven’t tried worse.

After some stumbling around, breakfast and most importantly coffee, I got my shit together and went down to the Student house where I was lucky enough to take part in a 2+ hour marathon board meeting. This dreadfully boring ordeal went on for well over two hours and in the end left me exhausted with my head and thoughts spinning.. I so won’t get into details on this one as I don’t want to bore you to death.

What I will get into details about, though, is the rest of the day which started when I finally got out of the meeting and stumbled into the sun to get some lunch at a local sandwich shop. Sandwich in hand (happy happy joy joy!) I went down to Jakob’s new place to meet up with Tina and him. I sat here eating my sammich and talking to Tina while Jakob got ready and we then went down to the Uboat to say hi to people and grab a beer. Tina and I managed to stay there for all of 30 minutes or so before Tina and I had to move on to her place, the reason for this quick move being that we had to have dinner with Christian and Emelie at Emelie’s new place later that night, but before doing so, we needed to get Tina dressed up all sexy-like in school girl uniform on account of some weird arrangement she’d made and that I for once had nothing to do with.. Anyways, I’d been pulled in on the scheme as a sort of external consultant because apparently I know a thing or two about what boys like. So, naturally, I did whatever I could to help.

Having sexied Tina up, we moved on towards Emelies. This trip proved a difficult endeavor because while we knew pretty much exactly where her new apartment was located, we weren’t really thinking while walking (multitasking bad) and were so heavily engaged in conversation that before we knew it, we’d ended up walking left and right through all of midtown rather than just taking the direct route.. Doh! Anyways, we arrived pretty much on time and were greeted with beers, wine and a load of dishes. So the girls got started on the wine while Christian and I got started on the beers, dishes and the parts of dinner that were still left to be cooked.

Chatting happily, we eventually got dinner on the table and sat down to eat a well-prepared meal and catch up on important subjects such as that of male anal sex in the military.. Eh, nevermind! Suffice to say is we had a nice talk which lasted us a few hours and through quite a bit of alcohol.

At a little to 10 PM, we headed off towards the Uboat as Tina had a 10 PM bar shift to attend to. When we arrived we were greeted by Daphne who’d decided to joined Tina in the whole school girl costume madness and a bunch of other people. Things quickly got pretty rowdy as I teamed up with Dunkel and his friends for a bunch of beers. Since I’d also brought a camera to the party (to document the whole school girl craze) it wasn’t too long till things just got plain stupid. Since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words and this post is already thousands of words long, pics are here.

We essentially spent hours and hours getting drunk and monkeying about. Things weren’t necessarily very constructive, but boy did we have fun. I ended up apparently getting home at around 5 AM after staggering drunkenly through the rain with Helene and Jesper for a while.. Of course, I didn’t really notice it was raining at the time – nor did my two friends. But it was decided unanimously on the next day – after reviewing the state of our clothing – that it had indeed been raining.. Which leads me to believe that we must have had a pretty good time at the bar indeed.


I’d planned for a pretty quiet night on Saturday. Actually, I was supposed to just have dinner with Tina and then take it from there and see what happened. But since Tina suddenly decided to abandon me (I’m kidding, babe!) and run off to watch football in some other town, I was left on my own.. Or more specifically at the mercy of Dunkel. So after spending some time recovering from the hardships of the night before, I went on down to Dunkel’s to hang out and grab a few beers. A few beers eventually turned into a few more beers, dinner and the purchase of more beers and a bottle of Schnapps.. Which was purchased for the sole reason that it seemed a stupid and irresponsible thing to do.

After dinner, we were joined by Robert and Einar who were also in the mood for stupid drunken behavior and soon we had a pretty cozy little party going. This wasn’t good enough for us, though, so we headed on to Tommy’s place as he was apparently hosting a party as well. At Tommy’s we found about five or six other happy, young people who were in a party mood and we quickly got things kick started, throwing down beers and shooters, listening to some good old fashioned heavy fucking metal and chatting randomly about stupid drunken behavior of days gone by.

Drunkenness was eventually achieved and all was well and good. It ended out being a pretty cozy and intoxicating evening which lasted, I’m told, till around 3 AM when Tommy kicked us out. At this time I was so spent from once again partying three nights in a row that I opted to just go home and immediately pass out on my bed and sleep for a good ten hours

.. Okay, apparently now we’re getting back on track in this whole class thing, so maybe I should go back to paying attention. Luckily this was about the end of the weekend anyways. Nothing much more to say. I slept like a rock through the night and Sunday was, as custom is these days, spent in true hangover fashion.


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