Friends will be friends!

What a remarkably crappy day today.. Well, mostly anyways! I started out doing some random work for the Student House, then set down to go through seven different statements of problems for seven different projects represented at a seminar I was attending this afternoon.

At noon I went down to the Student house to check the mail and make note of some addresses for further use. I ended up finding yet another totally uncalled for notice of overdue payment relating to a case that was taken care off long ago.. Long story short I’m really tired of being asked to pay for things that we’ve already paid for. I ended up leaving the case to Tina as per our ass-kicking agreement. You see, we’ve got this dynamic duo thing going in which I’m the one who tries to get things done and she’s the one who yells and starts kicking peoples’ asses if things don’t get done.. Because that’s apparently how we roll. Despite being the small, cute and pretty one she’s remarkably more talented at yelling and kicking ass than I am.. But who am I to complain? It’s helpful!

Anyways, with my mood pretty much already ruined, I went down to uni for a three hour seminar relating to the statements of problems for our respective exam projects which we’re starting now (think last year’s exam project from hell). A seminar I didn’t really gain much from. After being second in line (out of seven) to present my statement of problems and receiving quiet a bit of constructive criticism for my efforts, it’s really kinda hard to offer much help for the other five participants, let alone think about much else but getting home and calling it a “do over”.. Which I, of course, did as soon as time permitted.

So, at 4 PM I found myself at home, working on much the same thing as I did when I got up at 9 AM and having only work at 8 PM to look forward to. Well, once again Tina chimed in to save the day by calling in (well, MSN’ing in, really) and telling me that not only was she kicking ass left and right to get the payment issue solved. She also suggested that if I cooked her dinner, she’d pick me up after school at 6:30 PM and drive me to and fro work. Of course that meant that’d we’d have about an hour total to get from my place to her place, cook dinner, eat and then move on.. But eh, don’t we all have at least one of those people where a simple smile and a hug makes everything better? And if such is the case, would a speed dinner and a laugh not be even better? I reckoned it would and I was quite right!

Dinner was indeed a rush, but sometimes – in a weird sorta way – those rushed moments with best friends just mean all the more because it means you’re actually both taking time out of über busy schedules in order to hang out. And while dinner was not exactly a culinary success, it was still an enjoyable experience and I ended up actually leaving for work with a smile on my face.. And returning from work with one as well.. Which was admittedly partly due to the arrival of four huge truckloads two minutes before my shift ended, but certainly also due to our downright moronic behavior and conversation on the way home. I’ll have to have a word with Tina about always butting in and making me smile when I’m trying my damn best to mope and be mad at the world! 😉

In the end today ended up proving a really shitty day with a happy twist which in the end was all I needed to make it not too bad at all. I ended up with my frown turned into a smile and I think even my statement of problems is coming along nicely by now.. So yea, it’s another one of those rare brooding and overly thoughtful posts of mine.. But at least it’s short this time.. And, like I said, rare.. I fully expect to be back to my normal drunken ranting self by tomorrow.


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