“Milkshake, I wants it!”

So, apparently Wednesday is the new Thursday and Thursday is the new Friday.. Confused? Bear with me! Weekly patterns can be a bit mixed up an confusing when you’re living the good life as a student. Take this semester, for example, we’ve classes on Monday and Wednesdays and with my side jobs not really showing any regular patterns in terms of when I work.. Well, sometimes, just sometimes, weekends just start on a Wednesday.. This week for example!

I kicked off the long “weekend” by heading on down to Tina’s to study for a few hours. Here we were pretty quickly sucked into a pretty brooding mood owing to some common frustrations of ours, but did our best to press on and get some work done – at least for a few hours. Poor Tina is struggling with some stress issues that I won’t get into, but suffice to say that after a few hours, we could both use some some fresh air – so we headed out, deciding to go for a long walk, talk things through a bit and get some shopping done.

As per usual, we could, however, not stay steaming mad in each other’s company for more than like five minutes at a time, so it wasn’t before we were laughing out loud again. We ended up going out and buying a small gift for Jakob, Tina’s boyfriend, who was coming over later that evening and incidentally was also having a crappy day. We ended up getting a razor and some shaving foam that he could use when staying over.. A task which proved a little harder than expected, as I quickly pointed out that the color of the container of foam did not match the color of the razor. This had us wobbling for a bit before I realized that, while Tina might care, I’m supposed to be a fucking guy and shouldn’t care about color matching of personal hygiene products.. And neither would Jakob, obviously! So we bought the damn unmatched items and got on with it.

On our way back to Tina’s, we made sure to create the scene of the day as we passed the local ice cream shop which had apparently opened for the summer season and were serving up strawberry milkshakes featuring fresh strawberries. Not really giving two shits about ice cream or milkshakes, I marched right by their sign proudly proclaiming this fact. Tina, on the other hand, stopped dead in her tracks and started pointing and crying out “Whoa, whoa! We wants!” .. “No we don’t!”, I ventured and pressed on once again. There was no stopping the Tina, though, she was stopped dead in her track, pointing at the sign and yelling and crying about wanting milkshake and strawberries. My immediate reaction to this was to take matters into my own hands, literally, as I called her a baby, wrapped my arms around her waist, picked her up and started walking off with her. This, apparently, did not go over well with the lady as she started kicking and screaming in my arms, demanding that I put her back down and let her have milkshake. Being reasonably happy with the extend of the scene we’d created, I did just that. Put her down and bought her a damn milkshake.. Which was, despite my hate for all things milkshake, actually pretty damn good.

After confusing a shitload of people and getting our milkshake on, we headed back to Tina’s to chill for a bit before Jakob and her parents arrived.. Yes, I was cooking dinner for Tina, her boyfriend and her parents.. I thought that a little weird, too, but I guess that makes me part of the family now 😉 Anyways, it was pretty good times. Tina’s dad and I ended up joking back and forth like there was no tomorrow and I think her mom enjoyed seeing and hearing about me in a context where I was playing nice for a change and not getting her daughter into all sorts of trouble or weird schemes.. So all in all, it was a fun ordeal.. Didn’t last too long, though, as Tina had a manager meeting at Mickey D’s and everybody else had to move on as well.

The day was saved, though, as I felt my phone vibrate on the way out the door and checked it to see a message from Dunkel reading simply: “Beers!” – “Beers, on a Wednesday,” I thought “that’s pretty weird!” and shot him a message asking for details. It turned out that the fair Dunkel was supposed to have spent time with his girlfriend, that something had gone screwy and that he now had to  compensate with beers.. Which seemed as good an idea as any to me, so I headed on down to Dunkel and set out to help him on his quest of getting shitfaced. It wasn’t long till we were joined by Robert, Einar and Anne and we pretty soon had a pretty decent party going.

We somehow quickly got the idea to pull out the old 90’s dance classics which prompted a pretty scary scenario of a bunch of grown men in the ages of 23 – 27 singing loudly along to tracks such as “Be My Lover” “Mr. Vain” and Dr. Bombay’s classic “Calcutta” .. Oh, the poor neighbors!  I don’t know why, but spontaneous weeknight parties always end up being the craziest drunkest ones in the bunch, which is probably why I today have a video on my phone of a drunken Einar wearing a cow mask dancing around with Robert to above mentioned “Calcutta”.

Ahem, anyways, fun was had, beers were drunk, people were woken in the middle of the night and encouraged to come party with us, Einar got hammered as always, Einar got kicked out, Einar returned and locked himself in the bathroom for reasons unknown, Einar got kicked out again, shots were had.. And suddenly the clock struck 5 AM and I decided that since I actually had school-related stuff to do the next day, I’d probably better get home and get some sleep. Which is exactly what I then did..

And no, I didn’t get much work done the next day. Neither did anybody else for that matter, but hey.. Good times were had by all! My only major  regret is that I did not get Tina talked into skipping school Thursday and partying with us. That way I could’ve bragged of playing an active role in ruining three peoples’ Thursdays.


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