Attention grabbing

Ouch! So, hi! Yes! Been a few days, eh? Sorry about that, but life has been keeping me pretty busy.. And when life hasn’t, school sure has. I suppose that’s what I get for wanting to take a few days off to celebrate that I’m finally done working overtime and what not.. But that’s how things are.

Life’s been pretty crazy this weekend. A pretty quiet but cozy evening at the Student House turned crazy at closing time when people started hearing noises and the sound of bells on the stairs. Set out to debunk any rumors of paranormal activity over the last year. A few of us charged back in and up the stairs to investigate. As we made it to the second floor landing the lights went out and failed to come back up, so yea. We kept charging sounds in the darkness by the light of my cell phone. We eventually made it to the top floor looking to corner whoever was up there.. Only to find the floor empty.. Hmm, aight.. Back down again, then, I suppose. As we headed down the stairs we noticed a shifting in the darkness and believe it or not suddenly found ourselves facing not one but TWO full bodied apparitions.. Wait, scratch that.. We found ourselves facing the ridiculous sight of Tina and Jakob with a couple of sheets over their heads, trying to hide at the bottom of the staircase.. Good show! I awarded them with a loud shriek as they charged forwards, hoping they’d at least receive some sort of accomplishment over their elaborate scheme.. The noises, by the way, were made by an artist who has a studio in the basement and was for some reason fiddling around the house at midnight on a Thursday.. The survivors of the incident proceeded on to Dunkel’s where a few goodnight beers were had.

On Friday, we really went to town at the Uboat. I don’t know how things could possibly go as wrong as they did.. Or, wait, maybe I do. Maybe it was owing to the fact that when trying to order an extra strength lager for DKK 10 upon arrival, I was denied my request and told that I’d only be allowed to purchase 3 for the price of DKK 20. Maybe it was the fact that for each beer purchased I was asked to roll a die and whenever my roll was larger than that of the bartender, I got another extra strength lager free of charge.. Maybe it was just the fact that within an hour and a half of my arrival my grand score was up to 10 free extra strength lagers
won in all sorts of stupid competitions such as whoever first rolls a six wins a beer or whoever first draws a king from a deck of cards. I think at some point I even scored a free beer from getting a kiss on the cheek from a girl.. Either way, the Uboat was in a ridiculous giving mood and I eventually ended up with something like 18 extra strength lagers, six normal ones and a few pints of draft beer to my name. As you can tell, I’m not dead so naturally I didn’t finish them all on my own.. Let’s just say that no one went home thirsty that name and I have really weird pictures on my digital camera.

Saturday I was sooo not up to anything which is why I was not the least bit happy about having to attend a party at the Student House that evening. But such are the ways of a general manager, I guess, and after a few beers and some (wannabe) champagne at the bar, I was actually feeling pretty okay. I was really happy, though, when I was able to leave at around 2:30 AM after spending what seemed like forever getting people out. So happy, actually, that I decided to celebrate by going straight home and passing out on my bed – more from exhaustion than the six pack or so that I’d had.

Sunday I, for some reason, rolled out of bed at 6:30, got up, went to get my morning coffee, looked at the clock, thought “this ain’t right” and went straight back to bed.. I slept a few more hours, then got up, surprisingly more worn out now, but also giddy as a school girl.. Today was to be KFC’s first home game of the season and a lot of us were fired up for a bit of beer guzzling, loud-mouthed, yelling fun. Little did we know that we were to draw a hell of a lot more attention to ourselves than we’d reckoned with. Anyways, I went down to Domhuset, our normal pre- and post game hangout, grabbed a beer with the guys and waited for the mood to get just about right.. Which usually takes about a pint’s worth of time.. Another pint.. And, well, this happened:

I’m sure the neighbors love us.. And yes, those are the infamous toy horsies of KPF.. Anyways, we continued in this fashion towards the stadium and were actually surprised along the way to hear people from windows bellowing our own less-than-normal support songs in our general direction.. But needless to say that pretty much only inspired more idiotic behavior on our behalf.. So much so that when we entered the stadium just about everybody looked at us with a look of sheer terror as if to say “Oh shit, ze Germans are back!” Anyways, we filed into position, met up with the reckless youngsters who were already there and started setting up. This being the first game after the winter break, we’d prepare quite a show packing streamers, confetti, banners and smoke bombs, of course. You gotta have smoke bombs!

The plan was to create a spectacle never seen before as our boys hit the field. With smoke filling the air as our flags and banners proudly waved and streamers and confetti hailed down upon the field.. The plan.. Didn’t quite work. Rikke whom I’d told to look out her window from a couple of hundred meters away after she’d shot me a message complaining about the noise probably would’ve seen something like this: Two young boys waving our glorious flags out of synch as masked men struggled with lighters to ignite the smoke bombs as our confetti and streamers no to much hailed over the field as they fell ridiculously short of the target because of the strong wind bearing in our direction.. A strong wind which, by the way, only served to blow the smoke from the damn smoke bombs right up in our faces and creating a temporarily blinded and coughing stand..

Oh well, we certainly got people’s attention.. And this attention probably grew as we kicked into our usual dances, songs and generally chaotic behavior. By the time our boys scored the first goal, Krisitan and I were galloping around on our horsies like there was no tomorrow and by the end of the first half we were genuinely exhausted.. No more exhausted, though, than we could still make total fools of ourselves. Being in dire need of sausages and beers, we decided that the fastest way to get from our place on the stands to the sausage and beer stand on the other side of the stadium was to jump onto the track field surrounding the field, lining up in lines two and three respectively, having our friend give a signal and then having a wild galloping horsie race all the way along the field. Which for the record is quite a long way.. Certainly long enough to make just about every single one of the other 700+ spectators notice our show and sending a good deal into them into a laughing fit.. And we didn’t even get a bonus for a job well done at the sausage stand 😦

Anyways, with our newly claimed beers, sausages and horsies in hand, we chilled at the main stands during the break and actually heard the announcer ask people to give it up for our new fan fraction.. Which was a pretty interesting experience what with us standing right in front of people packing our mascots, beer and junk food.. Umm, hi! So, as if we hadn’t had enough attention, we decided to hit back to our spot for the second half where we only had time to stand around for about a minute before our boys scored yet another goal and then one more within only a minute more after the first one. The result was a total frenzy on our stands.. And beer, mustard and ketchup flying just about everywhere.

By this point of the game, we’d managed to attract the attention of just about everybody and it was actually quite surreal to look around and see more people watching us than the game.. Heh! All in all it was a great game which ended with 15 minutes of non-stop singing on our behalf, a 3-0 victory for our boys and a standing ovation from the team up against our stands.. w00t! We then filed closely together and made our way back to Domhuset for the usual victory celebration where I first had to spend some time profusely apologizing to the manager for getting one of the horsies we borrowed from their collection ever so slightly covered in ketchup during the chaotic victory dance and then buying Kristian a beer in return for one he’d bought me during the game.

The next few hours were spent celebrating the victory but, having classes at 9 AM the next morning, I couldn’t really stay for the entire evening/night. I ended up walking home at around 7 PM, arriving back in time just to see the coverage of the game and some of our actions on the local news channel.. Good times.. Exhausting times! Which is probably why I fell asleep not long after and, asides a waking period from around 11 PM – 2 AM, slept right through the night only to wake utterly exhausted on Monday morning facing a 15 hour school and work day.. But that’s another post.


2 responses to “Attention grabbing

  1. Haha…that was exactly what I saw. The confetti on the other hand actually looked pretty nice although it didn’t reach the field…

  2. Eh.. Yea, it all pretty much worked a lot better in theory.. 😉

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