Internet superstar, eh?

Why is it that I suddenly within 24 hours find 5 videos of myself posted on the web? And why is that three of them feature me drunk and disorderly, the other two overly tired and rambling? And, finally, why on EARTH do the last two, posted on Youtube, feature “related videos” by Danish comic relief retards, Morten and Peter?

How about some positive exposure for a change, eh? But hey, if anybody wants to see Johan going on 40 hours without sleep @ Solution Camp 2008:

Be sure not to miss the ridiculous, cocky bow near the end.. Oh, and don’t watch this if you don’t understand Danish or you’ll be seriously confused.. Or, if your name happens to be Der, scared!

Oh, can we talk about sushi for a while? Tina and I went to this new sushi place today to pick up some sushi, and the fact aside that watching Tina eating with chopsticks was a ridiculously funny experience, my main impression was “damn, we need to do this more often!” .. I plain forgot how awesome (and expensive) sushi is! So, yea, more sushi.. Who’s with me?

Okay, not really sure how I got from random drunken behavior over Solution Camp to sushi. I probably should stop ranting now. I’m ridiculously tired anyways.. Been a pretty busy few days, and I’m trying to slow down, even. Alas, a lot of things have to be done in the first half of the weekend. Zascha’s coming home this weekend, after all, and I don’t really wanna be running around doing a thousand different chores in the precious little time she’s here. Really, Z, I think you oughta move back to Denmark.. We’ll work on the whole payment thing but I’m pretty sure that I’m more deserving of a personal assistant than Mr. Jørgensen. 😉

Right, yea, okay.. I’ll stop now.. For real! ’till tomorrow, then!


2 responses to “Internet superstar, eh?

  1. Jeg er total klar på sushi… Har faktisk fundet ud af, at jeg godt kan lide det… eller i hvert fald noget af det. Det var bare den første gang i Paris sidste sommer, der var virkelig dårlig sushi!

  2. Nice! 🙂 Så må vi jo kigge på det engang når du er hjemme. Kunne nu heller ikke forestille mig, at du ikke kunne lide det.. Må have været noget underligt noget, i har fået dernede.. Hvad ved franskmænd også om mad? 😉

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